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Presentation guideline

I have outlined the main points that you need to mention for each slide. I tried to be brief since you will have ten  minutes to present. You can as well omit some points and make it more brief so that you can present it within the ten minutes. Kindly go through the document  several times to grasp the points well. They are quite easy and understanding them will not take take long. When going through the document, kindly note the words i have italicized and put in Bold. They are not meant to be presented, but to guide you and clarify some issues.

Contemporary international problems

Turning to a Market Economy"  Please respond to the following: 

Many developing countries in the "Global South" turned to socialism in the past as a means to solve their economic problems. Now, in the light of the evident failure of socialism, many of these countries seek to create fast growth through the establishment of "market economies.”


Final Essay:


Answer the following in a well-organized essay, using information from lectures, discussions, and readings. Be sure to provide specific evidence to support your thesis. Length: 4-6 double-spaced pages.


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