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The Age of Jackson

anwer the flowoing using the attchments: 


President Andrew Jackson has been portrayed as both a democratic hero and a genocidal tyrant.


Which is true? Defend your answer.


What was the connection between the Second Great Awakening, Antebellum Reform Movements,


and Whiggery?


Describe the nature of the Second Party System. How does it differ from the first?

2. The Early Republic 2

I need to answer the following questions using the attached files. ( each question should be at least 2 pragraphs) 


What is the root of the dispute between Hamilton and Jefferson? How are their visions different?


Describe the formation and the nature of the First Party System.


How does Thomas Jefferson both follow and betray his ideology as President?

HSA 315

"Looking Back and Looking Ahead"  Please respond to the following:


  • Summarize this course in just one (1) sentence or two (2) so that someone thinking about taking the course in the future would understand what it is all about.
  • Discuss the salient manner in which you will leverage the lessons learned in this course in your current (or future) career in the health care industry.

Essay Question.

Despite the revolutionary era's talk about liberty and equality, the condition of women and slaves changed little. Do you agree or disagree? In addition, do you think that the examples of Deborah Sampson Gannett and Margaret Corbin indicate that women are just as capable as men of serving in combat? What do their examples say about the debate over the role of women in modern warfare and the military?

africa history

answer the attachment

due after 6 hours. thanks

Buddhism Worksheet and Paper

By choosing a particular school of Buddhism to explore more fully, you will learn about the diversity within the tradition and how it is practiced today.

Part 1

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Buddhism Worksheet to help you with Part 2.

Summary and discussion- Due in 5 hours

1 paragraph


5 discussion questions. Goal is to come up with questions for an in class discussion. 


Reading will be sent


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