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week3 american history discussion board

at least 200 words and provide a rationale for your response

"North, South and West" Please respond to the following in 125 words: (Note: Please make a substantive comment to one (1) of your classmates.)

Discussion 289-8

300 to 500 word APA, detailed aspect of a historian 

Discussion 289-7

Discussion 300 to 500 words APA 

Short response to discussion


The question is under attachment and this is the criteria. Response should be separately for each of the question (kindly number each discussion).


Comments 15 points each –

Assign. Forum 6

Explain the history behind the Black Soldier of the Civil War

In this forum look beyond the book for information on specific units, soldiers and even the reasons for why Lincoln allowed the African American to service in the war.

Soldiers - the trained and untrained

Initial post of at least 300 words due by Friday.

Darlene Hine, William Hine, and Stanley Harrold.

The African-American Odyssey: Volume I, 6th ed. New Jersey: Pearson 2014.


Assignment Forum 5

We are familiar with the names of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass as being supporters and activists in the Abolitionist movement.  This week the forum will focus on both African American and non-African Americans who risked their lives, reputations and wealth to help free thousands of slaves.

Name and explain the contributions of three Abolitionists that supported and helped African Americans before the Civil War fight slavery?



Assignment Forum 4

Slavery and the South...Slave system dealt with a variety of slave categories and work duties that tied to the economics of the South.

Using your book, films, and Internet resources can you describe the different types of slaves that worked in America?  How did  slavery impact the economics of the South? How did the slaves influence and impact America's financial success?

Kuwait Invasion

write a reaserech paper consist of three pages about kuwait invasion in 1990 discussing the following:

1) what causes the invasion

2) what happened and when it happened


African relations


Unit 11 focuses on the relations between African countries and the United States. You are tasked with expanding on the conversation by writing a 2-page paper focusing on any one of the following topics. For any topic you choose, provide whenever it is applicable information about: 



art history 

shakehand with eng. kelvin 

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