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how would you respond to the following epigraph by Dubois(will be in details) must use at least 4 readings from course materials(will be sent privately), more details will be listed in the description

Be sure to explain the significance of your argument (i.e., provide an answer to the “so what?” question). Your answer should be approximately 1,500 words (5pp.) Respond to the following epigraph: 

Chinese History Ppaer- 18 pages

18 pages essay double space, Chicago format.


Using the attachment "my idea on writing this paper" to finish the paper. 

Go through paper rubric and paper instruction carefully.

The attachment "Chinese History essay" is what i wrote for the paper, since i make the paper in Chinese, i do not want to do the translation anymore. You can choose to rewrite the whole paper, or you can start from where i gave up. 

Check attachment

6-8 Pages,

Please check attachment for more information.

please do not add too many quotes.


Assignment Forum 4

Compare the different law enforcement tactics to combat human trafficking.  How well is law enforcement criminal intelligence sharing and cooperation on human trafficking working?  

Assignment Forum 3

Name several regional areas where human trafficking has continued to flourish. What is the effectiveness of governmental anti-trafficking policies in these regional areas? Why are these policies working or not working?

Your initial Forum post requires a minimum of a 500-word substantive response

APA format

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