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Essay on Bacon's revolt on Jamestown, VA?

After reading the lecture and required readings for this unit, use the knowledge you have learned to write a three page essay on one of the topics below:

 Bacon’s revolt on Jamestown, Va.; 


In order to support your discussion, you will need to select at least one outside source from the CSU Library.

Your essay must address, but are not limited to, the following items listed below: 

Introduce the event.

This may include what happened, the reason, setting, location, timeline, outcome, and casualties. 

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Hy 104

  1. Discussion - Woodrow Wilson claimed that the United States entered World War I to "make the world safe for democracy." In the Module Five Discussion (access by clicking on Discussions in the Course Menu and selecting Module Five Discussion), post your response to the following questions. Base your response on the readings from the textbook and McDougall (you do not have to agree with them, but the factual basis for your argument should come from these sources). Finally, your response should fully explain your position/argument.
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