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HIS 1.1

 Traditionally, as Americans, we have often looked at the events leading to the American Revolution in terms of "good guys vs. bad guys."  Is this necessarily the case?  Were the British entirely wrong in making the colonies pay taxes?  Why or why not?  Were the colonists entirely right in not wanting to pay them?  Why or why not?


12-15 sentences

US History Historical Character development Assignment

Background: One way to learn history is to put yourself in another's shoes. In this course, you will develop a historical character and experience American history through the eyes and ears of this character. Your character can be any age, race, gender, or ethnicity you like.


Respond to discussion

HIS104 Assignment

Assignment 1.1: A Changing World Thesis and Outline

HIS104 Discussion

"Early Globalization (20 points) " Please respond to the following:  PROVIDE SPECIFIC EVIDENCE FROM THIS WEEK'S WEBTEXTBOOK in your response.


Later History: 4-5 page Persuasive Commentary


               Grading criteria for paper

U.s simple worksheet

coorrct answer and fit the page

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