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Unit 9 1960's Discussion

Topic 1: Many conspiracy theories have been offered as explanations for the assassinations of the great leaders of the 1960s and still fascinate society today. Share some of those conspiracy theories or find others to share with your classmates. What contributes to the belief in conspiracy theories?


5 pages + 1 reference page, MLA style, at least 5 sources. The research is about Herbert Hoover


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Modern America Matrix Week 3




Personal insights, thoughts   and  opinions.  self- reflective thinking about faith,  religious beliefs (christianity) what is truth? why bad things happens to good people? why God didnt stop lucifer from causing problems in the world? what   your religious said about life after death? what is the issue among different religions today?  does heaven and hell exist?  3 pages MLA citations

Research About Utah

wrinting a research about the state of Utah 

Social Movements and Trends

Choose one of the following topics:

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