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Unit III American History II Homework Assignment DUE 11/29/16 by 6PM CENTRAL TIME

Unit III Scholarly Activity ( Minimum 2 PAGES not including the references that needs to also be included)



Assignment 2: Project Paper – Comparative Essay

can someone complete without plagarism or copying from Internet? I will check for plagarism

write a 6-7 page paper analyzing one of the major world religions according to the elements of "religion" which you have learned in this course. While you will explain the basic beliefs and forms of the religion, you must use the categories and terminology of our textbook to discuss your chosen religion: ritual, ethics, scripture, religious language and metaphors, change, conversion, development, reconciliation, and alienation. Address such issues as how the religion responds to culture, socio-political realities, human suffering, and personal destiny.

Reflection Paper

The assingment is due on Nov 30th 5 PM Los Angeles time. It needs to be 650 words or more. More instructions are provided in the attachement under short essay.

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