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I need help with answering question in my Christian Religion class that is due Thursday 04/20/17 by 5pm

Choose one of the following questions, and post 3-4 lines of a response to the Discovery Board by no later than Thursday 4:59 PM EST/EDT.

History paper

this is a history class paper here is all the paper instructions. its due in 12 hours. please contact me if you are willing to do it. 


I Need a chapter by chapter summary over the book Race Matters by Cornell West

I Need a chapter by chapter summary over the book Race Matters by Cornell West. This assignment needs to be 100 percent plagarized proof i dont need anyones plagarized work at all and this work needs to be as professional as possible and needs to not be a book critique this needs to be a chapter by chapter summary of what was talked about in each chapter each summary from the chapters needs to be at least one page long.

1932-1940 FDR New Deal Motivation

Do you believe that Roosevelt's motivation for the New Deal stemmed

History Eassy

The task:

Choose one of the prompts below. Write an essay in FIVE pages, double-spaced and typed (Times font; 12 points).

History 1306 Discussion Question

This is a discussion question in History 1306  This will be a short answer with around 250 word minimum in 3 paragraphs.This will be written in your own words and no Plagiarism.


Describe how the Vietnam conflict was different from previous wars.


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