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discussion #1

"Application and Recommendations" Please respond to the following:

Western Civilization II Unit VIII Annotated Bibliography

Unit VIII Annotated Bibliography


In this unit, you will submit the final version of your annotated bibliography. The requirements for this unit include the following:

 Your chosen topic statement/intention related to the last 400 years in Western Civilization.

 Five reputable sources in 6th edition APA format  Annotation paragraphs after each of the five sources

 All Unit VI components are to be resubmitted—with revisions based on professor feedback—as part of Unit VIII grade

Simple Art Paper

Choose an artist, from the website beinart.org, and describe their work using a descriptive formal vocabulary.  Choose one piece in specific to write a critical analysis.  Include information about the artist's style.   Be sure to mention the artist you chose and the title of the piece you're writing about.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following questions:

Choose one of the three major religions discussed in this course (Judaism, Christianity or Islam).

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following questions:

History Research Paper

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Compare and contrast the goals of Johnson’ plan for Reconstruction and Congressional Reconstruction after 1866.

Compare and contrast the goals of Johnson’ plan for Reconstruction and Congressional Reconstruction after 1866. What led to end of Reconstruction by 1877? What were some of the outcomes of that end?

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