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Discussion two to three paragraphs

Atlantic Empires  

All of this week's documents talk about 'rights' - the idea of certain rights is central to the Atlantic Revolutions. I want you to think about the different ways that the authors thought about rights, and how they shaped the course of the various revolutions. Questions to consider are: How do the different authors interpret 'rights' (are they talking about individual rights, group rights, etc.)? In the various Atlantic Revolutions, what groups are left out, and how do they respond?

Research Paper Part 1 & 2

Part 1 


The overall assignment is to write a 1250-1800 word paper on one from a list of topics.


Please follow these Guidelines:

-Double-space the paper, using Times New Roman font in 12-point. 

-Use MLA formatting and documentation style. 

-Cite correctly. Put all copied words, phrases, sentences, etc. in quotation marks and cite all paraphrased words, ideas, and arguments correctly. 

-Include examples of art works to support your analysis. (Feel free to include illustrations in your paper.)  

DB 3 Responses

100 word response using textbook: Getlein, Mark. Living with Art, 9th Ed., New York: McGraw-Hill, 2010. Citing in MLA Format:


write 4 pages APA style 5H

write 4 pages APA style about Amish people


4 to 5 resources, Only use your own words or i will get ZERO


check attachment as an example.


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Complete the University of Phoenix Material: American Imperialism.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab



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week 5

Discuss Global and U.S.

World history II Help wk 8

* You only have to do one of the following and not  both*



World history II Help wk 8 paper

Assignment 2: Project Paper

Due Week 8 and worth 200 points


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