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Select one film to watch and write a one page response over it, relating it to themes of global history discussed in class. 

U.S History - America since the Civil War

1. explain the Term

give background and context 



2. ONE page eassy

 choose one from four




6 pages advance History based on a book

It should 1. Identify the author and place this work in the context of their scholarship

2. Identify the thesis (theses)

3. Give an overview of the narrative


I need a paer done about a pardoner in the ren time, connected to chaurcers pardoner also connecting how the greeks (athenins) worshiped many gods while the euopeans worshiped one.  I have


To prepare for the project, during this module you will submit, on a Word document, your chosen immigrant or refugee group for the presentation. This submission must include the following information: 


1. Chosen immigrant or refugee group (cannot be any of the following already covered extensively within the modules: Irish, German, Jewish, or Chinese) 


history question for the discussion lesson.

1000 words total for all three questions. 


Need Assignment completed by tonight 11:00pm EST

You are an American citizen in the time period of this unit. Write a brief letter to a citizen of another country that the United States is expanding to during this time period. Share why, from your perspective, this expansion is good. In the letter explain why the United States taking on an imperial position is bad from your perspective.

Byzantine Empire

Discuss the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire. I just need a quick discussion of it - 300 to 500 words. Make sure to mention significant events and persons. Cite references. Thanks!

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