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Critical Thinking Discussion question - History

A Critical Thinking Discussion question based a chapter from a book about the American History (I will submit the outline)

Read the outline and then read the question in the end

Answer the question by writing 150 - 200 words.

Also, read the another classmate post and respond or comment on it (10-15 sentences ). 

USE your own words - NO resources







How did both Southern and Northern racial attitudes shape Reconstruction,? and what effect did Reconstruction have on race relations and the conditions of blacks? Did Reconstruction really address the problems of race?

Differently than you might think. The differences were more based on political parties than geography.

Strategic Management and Organization Systems in Human Resources

Review the model of Strategic Management of Human Resources and describe how it impacts an organization.

3–5 Pages excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page. Students need to support their work with at least 4 academic or professional peer–reviewed sources published within the past five years.

HIS 321 and 322 M4

Ensure to reply to the 4 posts. Each should 250, totalling 1000 words. Please use references and NO plagiarism. Must be complete by 12 PM EST tomorrow. The posts are as follows:




Use reference for this post- Kupperman: Major Problems in American Colonial History: Documents and Essays. Chapter 8 &10


DB read

please read 300 or more words

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