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western civilisation

Due 01/24/2017 1300hrs. Thank You


A) Discuss three revolutions of 1848. What were their causes and outcomes? Did they fail because their opponents were too powerful, or because their goals were flawed from the start?

B) Describe three changes to European society unleashed by the industrial revolution. Why do you think children were used for child labor at that time?


Reflect: The post-war era of the United States is often looked back on as a “Golden Era” yet this was also a period of tension, both at home and abroad. Consider the major events of the Cold War, consider the impact of the Cold War on the world, particularly in places like Germany, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, Chile, and Afghanistan.

Also consider  the impact that the Cold War had at home, particularly on American culture and society.


Please read: 

- Misa, Chapter 2


Short Essay

Reading materials and watching video and then Writing one short essay about 1250 words, 12pt. font and MLA citations.


Write the essay according to the instructions!!!

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