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  • You've now read Johnathan Swift's brilliant (it is, trust me) satirical essay, 'A Modest Proposal.' He was sort of the John Stewart or John Oliver of his day, so...

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what powers does a president have to influence the economy?  Illustrate these powers with a news article from the last four week.  300 words. With citation.

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the attachments are the requirements and reading resource. this eaasy should be around 800 words.


Write a two page reaction to the lecture. In your reaction also provide at least one example as to how one of those themes reflect aspects your education here at the University of Dayton.


University of Dayton Marianist Heritage Lecture


Please read (33 pages long) article and submit a 3 pages response paper on this topic.

Please read Podruchny, "Baptizing Novices" and submit a response paper on this topic,


Response papers should be short (3 pages maximum) and conversational – they do not need to be structured like a formal essay.



Response papers on Secondary Sources should follow this model:


History work

Follow the instruction.


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The Project Paper focuses on a suggested topic related to art, architecture, history, music, or literature. The project will reflect your views and interpretation of the topic. This project is designed to help you stretch your mind and your abilities to be the creative, innovative, and critical thinker you already are!  


1. (TCOs 2, 4, 5, 6) The idea that the assisted suicide of terminally ill patients should be allowed or assisted for the greater happiness of all concerned reflects what type of ethics? (Points : 5)

Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean

Kant's Categorical Imperative (in the 2nd Formulation)

Thomas Aquinas's concept of conscience

Rand's concept of self-interest

Mill's Principle of Utility

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