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short paper (hiring process)

Describe the Hiring Process for the police department, department of corrections, or a probation officer, and the Purpose of each step of the process. The hiring process may differ depending on where you are located. Provide an Overview of your selected profession by briefly discussing the requirements, training required, work environment, and responsibilities for the profession (police officer, corrections officer, or probation officer) you chose for this assignment and for the state in which you are located. 


dis9 un

  • In your own words, define organizational effectiveness and how it is measured?

The Reluctant Lady

Review Case 9.3 in Ch. 9 of Leadership: Theory and Practice below.


Write a 250 word response to the following question:


Prof Maurice - Contemporary Leader Part 4

Resources: Using the contemporary public leader that was selected (Trump)

Write a 700 word paper in which you:


Questions week 4

100 words


1. What are the methods for developing alternative solutions and strategies?



Free trade

Most countries that adopt a free trade market economy experience economic prosperity and overall improvement to daily living standards.


Choose a scenario and location for a disaster drill, create a

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