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seee the attachements .This is for Yhtomit do first  proposed Resarch question Assignment( five pages)


Public and Non-profit CT 5

Think for a moment about the role of boards of directors in a for-profit setting; members of the board are charged with overseeing the company, ensuring that company finances are audited and correct, and in approving or rejecting major policy items pertaining to the company. Based on what you have read about the role of the board of directors in a nonprofit setting versus a for-profit environment, what differences and similarities are most striking to you?

Who should legislate marijuana policy, the federal government or the state governments? Why?

 2-3 pages in length, typed, double-spaced APA format for paper, in-text citations, and references References must be provided on a separate APA-formatted reference page.  At least 3 scholarly sources are required

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