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GOV-281-3028- Week 5

Class :GOV-281-3028-World Political & Eco Systems-03/2017

Supreme Court Philosophies and Rulings

Garnering all of the information about constitutional rights and the justice process you have received from this course and your understanding of the “personalities” of the U.S. Supreme Court, prepare a six to eight page paper (not including the APA title and references pages) in which you detail the history of the Supreme Court from 1953 to the present day as it relates to one of the specific issues listed below.


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it is about texas govenment , i have the book it is online , the assignment required us to choose 6 ch , from each chapter take 4 different issue write 2 -3 paragraph on each one up to two paper per ch i need some one how live in the united state and know the government well , due date after 6 days 

"How Active Is Your Government?"

  • Based on the scenario of getting a better understanding of Federal government and its agenceies work to serve it pulbli

TX Government Writing Assignment: Whether or not convicted felons in Texas should be able to vote or not.


All instructions are in the attachments and below, please follow throughougly, as this is 15% of my grade. 




According to a 2012 CBS News/ New York Times poll, six in ten Americans oppose lifetime appointments for Supreme Court justices. What do you think? Please discuss the pros and cons of having lifetime appointments to the federal judiciary.

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