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Rw5@7 328aaa

This Research Paper – Final Submission is the culmination of the work you began with the Research Paper – Thesis and Outline assignment. You must continue to focus on the approved faith-based interest group you selected in that assignment. The final paper must be 5–7 pages and in current Turabian format. The paper must analyze a faith-based interest group by applying the concepts studied in the course.

Rw5@7 328

The research paper for this course is a 5–7-page paper studying an active faith-based interest group in detail. For this assignment, you will compose a thesis statement and a brief outline in current Turabian format based on your selected interest group for the Research Paper – Final Submission.


MENA Politics

Assignment - Pick 2 of the following 3 questions to answer:  (2-3 pages each)



double space

two pages



single space 

2 pages

instructions in the file



answer the first Questions use the presentition and the book as areference or to help you but the answer not gonna be litterly in them.

use this book if you need

 course is:  Author(s): Mark Moore Text Title: Creating Public Value Year of publication: 1995 Edition: Revised 1995 Publisher: Harvard University Press ISBN Number: ISBN-19:   0674175581  ISBN-13:  978-0674175587



Assignment 1: LASA 2: Conduct a Threat Assessment on Public Transportation

Public transportation systems serve a large number of people in extensive networks, which means they are especially vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Systems in London, Madrid, and Paris have experienced bombing attacks. Tokyo's public transportation system was the site of a chemical attack recently.

Great Britain Leaves the European Union

Writing Assignment: Go to your college's online library and search for articles using the keywords

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