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cja 235.13

Assignment 3: The Multilayered and Decentralized System of US Law Enforcement

cja 235.12

Assignment 2: Selecting Prospective Police Officers

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Assignment 3: Prison Management—Past and Present

cja 460.12

Assignment 2: Development of the US Prison System

The purpose and goals of the US prison system have evolved through the gamut of simplistic corporal punishment and incarceration to modern-day alternative approaches, such as diversionary programs, restorative justice programs, and specialized problem-solving courts.

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Final Research Question and Purpose Statement

The components of this assignment include a research question,  a purpose and design statement. It must contain at least eight sources, at least six of which must be peer-reviewed. The specific research question should be of depth and breadth required for a major project. Also to come up with a the purpose statement in regards to CyberTerrorism: “What methods can be employed to reduce the threat to the nation’s cyber systems?” 2pp

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