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Graphing a Circle

For this assignment, you will be given information about circles and asked to graph them. In some cases, the equation will be given and in others, information about the center, radius and/or diameter will be given and you will need to write the equation and graph the circle. In all graphs, the center and at least four points on the circle should be labeled with coordinate points – for instance, (4, 0).


Quadrilaterals and Polygons

Complete this assignment to show your knowledge of properties of parallelograms.


Scoring Guide – 50 Points Possible

Determining circumference of a circle

Dear tutor,


I am requesting assistance with the following geometry problem:


Jan drew a triangle on a coordinate grid with vertices at (2,3), (7,3), and (7,7). She wants to circumscribe. What is the circumference of the circle?


Please help in a hurry!



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