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Geo Earth Science Lab*****A++ Rated Tutorial Already***** Use as a Guide Paper*****

Attached is a map of the ocean floor.  It shows plate boundaries and features of the continental margin. All that you have to do is drag the letters from below and place them where they belong.  You can open the attached tutorial to learn how to add letters and symbols.  Complete the following; you only have to label one of each feature except for the earthquakes: 


Extra credit two page write-up and youtube of Africa

Directive: Write a paper on the physical evolution and growth of a city( Kuala Lumpur)

In this exercise you will explore the evolution of urban form through explanatory research into the city’s physical setting, its construction over time, and the key moments in its economic, social and environmental past.  In addition you will produce a series of historical maps that show important changes in the form of that city. In undertaking this term paper, you will be answering a number of questions about urban form:   

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