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I have an assignment on physical geography. map reading

I have an assignment on physical geography. map reading. i will provide all the information needed

Econimic Geography



How are you? 


I need someone to help me over this assignment? 

the file attachemnt contains 4 assignments , as well as the the final potofolio. 


So you are about to write each assignment and then complete the final potofolio. 


Thank you 


the attachment has each assingment instrcutions and if u have any questions pls ask before u proceed.


Econimic Geography

Hello there,


Please follow the instructions in the attachment. Please make sure no copy and paste from the internet. The more information is the better. Answer these two questions in a seprate word document.


Thank you,


writing Geography Paper Assignment



The paper should be double-spaced, and be between 5-7 pages long


All questions to know what to write is attached, please follow the prombt carefully. 


Also follow some of the chapters of the book when writing some examples. 



Please see attachements below. Thank you.


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