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Basic information about Syria

This first briefing should be an introduction to your AOI(Area of Interest).  I'm Looking for basic information; govt system, population, social system, religion(s), economics [imports and exports], and a map. After that, I want to know what is my AOI known for?  Plus, any notable current events.  This should be one page, two page maximum 300 words, double spaced, size 14 font. 

GIS chapter 10 and 11

Uploaded paper for chapter 11 and payment for both 10 and 11

religion studies

1. What is the synoptic problem ?

2.What elements are the same in the Rich Ruler story as it appears in Mark , Matthew , and Luke ?

3.What elements are different?

4.What does each story emphasis?

I need to answer this Questions.

Pick the answers form "The New Testment: A Historical Introdustion to the Early Christian Writings" book.

Right 1 page Questions and answers.

Due on 7 hours.




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