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Create a diagram, chart, or illustration in which you depict the flow of energy in marine ecosystems. You may use either a web format in which food chains are included or a biomass pyramid format. The assignment must include the following:


Continuation of assignment. Will email the requirements. Must be original work 8-10 slides.

Geo Project focusing on a commodity Chain of a company

Create a more than 10 page powerpoint talking about commodity chain of a company, what I have chossen is Starbuck, so talk about commodity chain of Starbuck. the requirement of the homework is in attachment, pls cover all the requirement and important points of the requirement. I know the time might be short, but pls help me.

Also, create a google map to describe the commodity chain. the map do not need to be perfect, just pls include enough information such as the routs of transporting coffe.

Thanks a lot.

write a report for New York City Energy Case ,double spaced 5page,use APA citations ,chapter topic is Climate change

1.Each student has been assigned a specified chapter from the PlaNYC Update of April 2011.( which is Climate Change)

2.Each student is also assigned the PlaNYC Update of April 2011 chapter on Energy.

research paper

The question: “Why is New Mexico poor and what should be done about it?


A 10-page paper.



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