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The majority of Muslims belong to the sect known as the:

A. Sunni. 

B. Shiites. 

C. Kurds. 

D. Alawis.

The Aswan High Dam was built as a result of the Nile Waters Agreement, concluded between:

A. Egypt and Sudan. 

B. Algeria and Tunisia. 

C. Turkey and Syria. 

D. Egypt and Israel.

The mountainous region running through northern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia is the:

A. Maghreb. 

B. Rub al Khali. 

C. Negev. 


write an essay 500 word about weather the growing of population in future is good or not? MLA format.

Discuss South Africa’s apartheid policy of 1948. How was it initiated

Discuss South Africa’s apartheid policy of 1948. How was it initiated? Provide historical information of the time from the passing of this policy until gaining independence in 1979.

Geog assignment

Read the informations first, then follow all the guidelines and answer all the questions.


You just need type an answer. (only 30 words for each answer) <<<Only 4 questions


Do not plagiarize and you cannot use any references for this assignment at this time.


You can use your own knowledge and creativity thinking!


If you have any question just let me know please feel free to ask~


Due in 12 hrs or less

short essay

The Current Event Summaries can be on any topic related to Fossil Fuels, Energy and Society that are currently in the news.

These summaries should be typed and about 2-3 paragraphs in length.

These need to be put into your own words, except for material that is in quotations.

You need to cite at least 2 credible news sources for each of your Current Event Summaries. 


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