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1. 205 instruction

2. 205 reading

3. 205 reading

4. 205 powerpoint about poem

5. 325 instruction

6. 325 reading (script)

7. 325 reading (map)

week 9 assignment

Application: Part Three: Socio-Ecological Assessment

A socio-ecological assessment can be used as a tool to help health professionals' research individual or environmental factors as they relate to health disparities. Furthermore, socio-ecological assessments may assist in the development of evidence for those social determinants that impact specific health issues. This model can be used to determine what level(s) an intervention should focus on to improve health outcomes.


pass too the left

Due in 1 hour

You may write a 2 page essay one of the films below for up to 20 points extra credit.   The paper must be double-spaced with 12 point font.  There must be an introduction paragraph, body and conclusion paragraph.  Do not just summarize the film.  Make connections between the film and course material.  Be sure to use citations to clearly show what information from the textbook or module you are connecting with the film.

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