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For Perfecto only G4

I have visited Los Angeles California. I would like to use it for my assignment if possible. Thanks.



Travel Writing


Please read the attached two scholarly articles (in one PDF) labeled ''Chaos'' by Gleick and ''Human Adaptation to Climatic Impacts on Biodiversity'' by Gotfryd.


Sugar Industry Research Paper

Info will be in the uploaded document.. --- this assignment is for daniel johnson

Final Journal.

3-page journal. 


due tomorrow. 

Who is ready?

3 Pages Essay


First 2 pages gonna be like:


Pretend like you are interviewing someone about the western music and ask questions like:


- What do you feel when you listen to western music?

- What makes western music special?

- what is the difference between western music comparing it to other kinds of music?

- What is the most common instrument in the western music?

try to come up with other questions 


In the last paragraph write about your opinion in the western music.

Rank Cultural Geographic Issues

  • Which issue do you feel is most important?
  • How would you rank them and why?
  • Add a 11th paradigm, something you feel was not included.


Your city: is it humane, is it sustainable?

The ethical dimensions of urban geography are sometimes ignored.

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