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Geography Assignments

In the attachement you will find two assignments which are assignment #2 and assignment #3. Please do each one sepretly. Also, you are going to write about China for these two assignments.



Question why is carbon so much less common on earth when it is the fourth most common element in the universe



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The assigment about to read one of the chapters in the book, and you have to summrize it. It has to be 5 pages 

First page : Introduction

next 3 pages : Summary of the chapter

the last page which is the fifth: discussion 


geology paper on road exposures

750 words) that clearly conveys your observations and your interpretations and how they relate to the overall geologic history of the Valley and Ridge Province. The report

Human Geography help


I need help with this homework with in 10 hours please.

I need this done asap!

Resources: Week 3 Individual Assignment, Instructor feedback and additional research

Based on your research findings in the Week 3 Urbanization Analysis, Green Options & Global Warming Strategies assignment, the Urban Planning Department has asked you to prepare a presentation for city leaders. Relate your Week 3 research to:

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