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“Why is New Mexico poor and what should be done about it?

question: why is New Mexico poor and what should be done about it?


1)  Double-spaced, use a 12 font.

 2)  1 ½” margins on left, 1” margins elsewhere

.3)  At least 8 sources - half must be from sources other than the Internet.

4)  Citation style - no footnotes, use the following: (Jones 1990) when using general


The question: “Why is New Mexico poor and what should be done about it?


A 10-page paper.



rey writer

apa format. 1-2 pages. must have introduction and conclusion. follow guidlines. must have atleast 2 refrences


Economic Geography



Please refer to the attachment 


it has all instructions needed to complete the assignment. 


The country is Thailand 


For expert-writer

Original work and references for work cited!


Create a diagram, chart, or illustration in which you depict the flow of energy in marine ecosystems. You may use either a web format in which food chains are included or a biomass pyramid format. The assignment must include the following:


Continuation of assignment. Will email the requirements. Must be original work 8-10 slides.

Geo Project focusing on a commodity Chain of a company

Create a more than 10 page powerpoint talking about commodity chain of a company, what I have chossen is Starbuck, so talk about commodity chain of Starbuck. the requirement of the homework is in attachment, pls cover all the requirement and important points of the requirement. I know the time might be short, but pls help me.

Also, create a google map to describe the commodity chain. the map do not need to be perfect, just pls include enough information such as the routs of transporting coffe.

Thanks a lot.

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