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Assignment 3: Diversity in Organizations

Management practices differ, depending on the diversity within the organization. In this assignment, you will research the demographics for your area or city and apply those demographics to business operations.

This assignment has two parts. Complete both parts.

Part I

Climate lab

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Engineering journal review



please check the attachments for the assignment description (word document) and the Journal (PDF).  It should be

3-4 pages in pages


Thank you 

Literature review for Geography research paper

Good morning.  I need a literature review done by Tuesday, May 3 at 8 p.m.  I will submit the 10 articles I already have for review.  The topic is a research paper for geography, Healthy food access and food deserts in Mobile county (the county where I live). 

Geography New Mexico

Geography paper take a look at the attached.


answer 50 questions multiple choice in Geology 101 for 20$ Due in 2 hours

answer 50 questions multiple choice in Geology 101 for 20$ 




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The country that I have choosen is Thailand


so make sure you write about Thailand in this proposal


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