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Geography Map assignment

Use the information in the Introduction and Chapters 1 & 2 of the textbook to help with this assignment.


1) Find one large scale and one small scale map of Europe, a region in Europe or a European country or  European city, label each as large or small scale and give three reasons why they are labeled as such.

follow instructions carefully in the document (there is work from other tutor provided in the beginning of the document that was not done correctly)


due in less than 20 hours

Two Part Essay

Unfortunately, I need this completed in 5 hours. There are two parts, each part needs to be 750 words only. Please do not handshake if you are unable to complete in 5 hours. Thanks



We have read in chapter 7 of the textbook about the various types of atmospheric disturbances of the Earth.  One of the types of disturbances that manifests itself across many areas of the globe are tropical cyclones (or as we're familiar with as - hurricanes).  Hurricanes played a major role in Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth", a 2006 documentary regarding the issue of global warming (notice the hurricane displayed on the movie poster).

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