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grog207-----Wiki Project---at least 750 words-----wjing

The main theme for my group is Population and Settlement

improve farming

how the united states improve thier farming. one page 

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During the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s, wind erosion was widespread in the Great Plains. This devastating occurrence was largely due to the prevalence of tiny soil particles. Through new farming methods and technologies, the United States is much less likely to see this scale of wind erosion again. However, Western China is currently experiencing similar degrees of wind erosion. Do a little research on how the United States improved their farming methods and what methods China could potentially implement to decrease this occurrence.

geology report


1.      What is flood frequency analysis?

grog207-----Wiki Project---at least 750 words-----fhu

The main theme for my group is Economic and Social Development

Ten facts about China in Africa

Write a blog type article about ten facts of China in Africa, Using the blog: China in Africa, the real story.


5 pages



Questions : Darryl, a university student, just inherited a large sum of money from his grandmother?s estate. He bought a new Mercedes automobile and paid cash to the dealer. Darryl in turn received the keys and ownership papers for the car from the dealer.

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