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Islamic banking finance hw agreement among parties concluded through an offer and acceptance with the consequences of binding legal obligation




"Leasing Equipment"


  • Suggest one (1) key economic factor that motivates leasing as an option in acquiring an asset. Explain the potential asymmetries that may exist where leasing may be beneficial to both the lessors and the lessee. 
  • Determine one (1) significant benefit to an organization that decides to lease an asset that conventional lease analysis evaluation reveals has a negative Net Advantage to Leasing (NAL). Provide a real-life scenario that supports your answer.


Case Study Analysis Discussion—Ethical Standards

HealthSouth Corp., according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), overstated profits by at least $1.4 billion between the years 1999 through 2003 to meet or exceed Wall Street estimates. The allegations came just seven months after an earnings restatement and insider-trading charges triggered the investigation. Read more about it:

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Financial crisis homework

Case Study Analysis Discussion—Financial Crisis at SMH


Brief Research: Valley National Bank Production, Operations MGT and Innovation

I need a brief research, 2 pages long with regards to Valley National Bank USA Business Banking and the bank's DEPOSITS personal business etc...




DQ#1 Short Term Objectives

Developing effective implementation strategies is essential to achieving stated goals and objectives. How does linking short-term objectives to strategies and functional tactics help shape implementation plans? What is the role of policy development in framing enterprise performance?


Business Plan

The following 4 - questions need to be answered in at least one paragraph. Not in essay form It must be fully answered with examples.  These questions are based in healthcare; therefore, the responses must be healthcare related. 

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