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FIN 5620 - EVT - Jack De Jong: Quantitative Problem Set #1: Due: 11579

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inf 331 week1 assignment

shford 2: - Week 1 - Assignment

Work Breakdown Structure

See page 33 of the text for a graphic example of a work breakdown structure (WBS) hierarchy. Create a three level product-based WBS from a project you have managed or have experience with as a team member and present a graphic representation of your WBS hierarchy. A description of the following components and how each relates to the WBS must be included:





        Portfolio Theory

  • Imagine that one (1) of your clients has $100,000 to invest. Propose the manner in which you would apply portfolio theory to this scenario. Justify your response.
  • Speculate on where your client would be on the efficient frontier and if your client’s preference curve would be more vertical or more horizontal. Provide a rationale for your response.

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you must to watch a video and read an article to responde the work


Business Plan for a Healthcare Organization

The first task is: Source of Revenue: An Increase in the Medicare Patient Population


Respond to two classmate's post in WEEK 3 DISCUSION 1 & 2. That's 2 classmates in each discussion, FOR A TOTAL OF 4

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