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Financial Management

1. Using the Annual Report of a publicly-traded company of your choosing, answer the following questions in this discussion.

2 Page Analysis of Samsung Electronics LTD. (Korean Stock Exchange)

2 Page Analysis of:

1.     Samsung Electronics LTD. (Korean Stock Exchange)


Finance, stock market

Two pages reponse base on my stock portfolio. Choose( Apple Inc.) to write the journal and use the S&P 500 data. ASAP !!


Your Module 4 assignment will have two parts:



1. Discuss your stock performance for your portfolio and how you allocated your cash within each position within the constraints above. Discuss your philosophy and process. Eg did you pick stocks based on your personal interest in their products or services.


2. Please focus on one stock (Apple Inc.) to write your final journal for Module 4:

750 words essay on financial topic

Business Topic on FINANCE.

Choose a specific company

Talking about how this company does well in finance.


Then give one problem the company has in finance and talk about it.

At least 3 sources needed.


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