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800–1,000 words

Details: Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) Focus on the financial aspects of your selected company from Phase 1. Your analysis will include the following 6 sections:

•Financial leadership profile: Study the Web site, and look for the following information:

◦Identify the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer or other financial director. Read their profiles.

◦Look for the company’s annual report.

◦Analyze the experience of the financial leader of your chosen company.

Fisk Corporation is trying to improve its inventory control system and has installed an online computer at it retail stores. Fisk anticipates sales of 75,000 units per year, an ordering cost of $8 per order, and carrying cost of $1.20 per unit .

A) What is the economic ordering quantity?

B) How many orders will be placed during the year?

C) What will the average inventory be?

D) What is the total cost of ordering and carrying inventory?

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