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Course Project Final Submission

Compile the assignments completed over the course into a scholarly report on the three healthcare organizations—the SMH, the FP, and the NFP. Edit your work to make it more concise. Remember to write a conclusion to your report and proofread the entire report.

Financial crisis homework

Case Study Analysis Discussion—Financial Crisis at SMH


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Cost of capital


Prepare a report on the different considerations that an MNC should keep in mind when obtaining capital from a foreign source. In this report, you must outline and evaluate two possible methods for determining cost of capital. What is the likely impact of these financing methods on the company's balance sheet? To present your report, create a scenario depicting a leading steel company seeking foreign capital to expand its overseas operations and exports.


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Select one payment method and explain benefits and pitfalls of using it with the foreign partner you have just started exporting to. Your response should be 3-5 paragraphs long.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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Case Study Discussion—Developing an Operating Budget

When creating a budget for an organization, it is important to consider several outputs. These outputs depend on the perspective of the individual developing the budget. There are certain best practices for developing budgets.

Exiting International Markets

Assignment 1: Individual Research and Short Paper—Exiting International Markets

When companies exit markets, they need to consider the legal and social aspects in order to avoid complications with stakeholders such as labor, local municipalities, vendors, and taxing authorities. Through this assignment, we will review some of the regulatory issues multinational companies need to consider when exiting foreign markets.

operating budget homework

Developing an Operating Budget

For this assignment, you will complete the activities from the following case:

  • Mammano, K. A., & Tyson, T. N. (2008). Developing an operating budget for extended family, inc.: A not-for-profit human service organization. Issues in Accounting Education, 23(1), 129-129-144.

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