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FIN 100 DQ1

Suppose you need $1 million dollars to start your Dream Business. Research ways to get the money for such a business. Compare two (2) sources of financing you might obtain. (e.g., Small Business Administration (SBA), private investors, private loans, personal assets, and / or personal credit cards.) Identify the risks and benefits of your two (2) choices.

Goverment Finance

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Finance Project

You are the sales manager for a company that makes pet foods.  You are also well versed in statistics and use them to help you evaluate your business and determine how to move forward. The company has four salespersons employed in a small town. Let us denote these salespersons by A, B, C, and D. 


The sales records (in dollars) for the past 6 weeks for these four salespersons are shown in the table below.


accounting lab

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operations mgt

 what are the solutions (in excel format with formula) to the attachment?
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