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Capital Budgeting Techniques Paper & Solution( USE AS A GUIDE ONLY)

As a financial consultant, you have contracted with Wheel Industries to evaluate their procedures involving the evaluation of long term investment opportunities.  You have agreed to provide a detailed report illustrating the use of several techniques for evaluating capital projects including the weighted average cost of capital to the firm, the anticipated cash flows for the projects, and the methods used for project selection.  In addition, you have been asked to evaluate two projects, incorp


Develop a 2,100-word economic outlook forecast that includes the following:

Public Finance

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Persuasion Versus Judgment

Consider various guidelines for approaching controversial topics, gathering evidence, forming judgments, and constructing arguments to persuade others to agree with our judgments.

For this short assignment:

Think about the processes of forming a judgment and persuading others in your professional environment. Construct a 2- to 3-paragraph essay intended to persuade someone to agree with your position on a particular topic. Be sure to identify the topic and cite and explain the evidence you consider supportive of your position.

Concepts of Truth

Before 1972, scientists believed that the rings of Saturn were composed of gasses or dust; on tests, any student who claimed that Saturn's rings were composed of solids was incorrect because the true answer was that the rings were a gas. Later scientific investigation has shown that the rings are, in fact, composed of solid matter. Did the truth change? Should these students retroactively be given credit? Which group of students originally knew the correct answer?


Use the Internet to research the lottery system in your state. If your state does not have a lottery system, choose a state that does have one. Choose a particular lottery game and determine the probability of winning your state’s lottery game. Provide a rationale to support your determination.


Summarize the concept of the “Law of Large Numbers.” DO NOT give a formal definition. Apply the definition in an example. Be specific and clear.

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