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1.    Discuss savers and investors role in financial markets. (80 Words)


Financial Markets

In light of recent economic downturns, monetary targets are more in the main stream. In addition, the bank's lending policy has tightened up greatly.


How does the easing of monetary targets affect these lending policies? Please provide examples on how the Federal Reserve is working with, or against, banks to increase their monetary supply.  Needs to be 100-150 words.

Financial Analysis

Summary of Product and Services (with in text citation)


Need to have SWOT analysis on Woolworths 2015 (with in text citation)


Capital Structure of Woolworths of the company over the last five (5) years

(With Detailed Formulaes)


Cash Management and Budgeting

Assignment 1: LASA 2—Cash Management and Budgeting


The new owner of Bob’s Boats, Bob, just purchased the business and discovered that the prior owner did not have a plan for managing the current assets of the company.  Bob has decided that the place to start is with a cash budget, using the template he used in his prior position.


for a-plus writer




you know the rest

Final - Analyzing Financial Statements

This Portfolio Project has two parts: calculations and a 4- to 6-page essay. While the calculation requirements of this assignment are important, equally important are your discussion and analysis of the quantitative results. You will submit two documents: 1) a spreadsheet containing your horizontal and vertical analysis (and perhaps your ratios) and 2) a word document containing your essay.

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