Financial markets homework help

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Fincial Research project 1

I need help to write my Financial research Project 1 on Campbell Soup (CPB)


Discussion Question: "Future Developments and Future of Financial Management"

"Future Developments and Future of Financial Management"


Reflecting on the various topics discussed throughout the course, describe one (1) concept that will be affected most by the latest developments in health reform.

Facebook Corporate Analysis (Finance Only)

Facebook Corporate Analysis assistance needed. Paper needs to be at least twenty pages. Most of these pages will include graphs; writing won't be so intensive. Directions, along with a template and a started paper is attached. Please use the outline of the started paper Facebook paper to work on. Only use the Nike template for reference. 


Note: Math needs to be strong when calculating company ratios (i.e., ROE, ROA, Gross Margins).




Write business case for my project.

I upload a ppt about main information of my project, you can use the information I provided and write business case for me, I need it within 12 hours, please upload to me before deadline, thank you

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