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Excel homework about Finance

Excel homework about Finance, my professor ask me to finish a excel homework about finance abd he give us the steps how to do it,

I have choose the 4 stocks, they are stock A    Morgan Stanley  Stock B  The Toronto-Dominion Bank   stock C American Express Company   stock D PayPal Holdings, Inc. 

anyone can help me to finish this homework? it is pretty easy.

Article Review

Please see the articles from the link above, and select a monthly newsletter to review. Please click on PDF of Classroom Edition. Please Note: Prior to the February 2012 issue, the newsletter was published under the title Liber8 Economic Information Newsletter.


After writing your Article Review, combine your review with the ideas/concepts presented from the textbook. Make sure to provide at least three pages (750 words) using APA style. You must also include a reference page at the end of your summary. 


Healthcare Financial Reform

Write a paper (1,250-1,500) on what you think should be included in a future reform of the health care system, focusing on financial operating changes that would improve efficiency and provide for improved transparency to the public. Include three to five research/references to support your position.



Paper MLA format, times new roman 12 point font

Justification on Financial Impacts - Keurig Green Mountain



In your assignment address the below: Section III, Part C; Section IV; and Section V of the final project for the organization Keurig Green Mountain.


Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:


III. Justification:

FIN-605 -B

Please attachement for details.

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