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How the market works

Instructions for the “How the Market Works” Paper


This project is due at the end of Module 5. 


In this project, you will play a stock game using the free virtual stock market trading site “How the Market Works” ( to practice trading real stocks using imaginary money to learn how the Market works and to gain experience with virtual trading. After you are done with the game, you will produce a paper on your experience. 


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Discussion Post; only 1 page needed




A philosopher once observed, “A fish doesn’t know the ocean is blue.”  Most of us don’t realize the extent to which we live in a “global village.”  Let’s step back and try to achieve that realization.


Blog 5

In the history of advertising the "Pet Rock" is one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever. Would you buy a rock? How about if I paint it, give it a name, and tell you it will be your most faithful companion ever? I know your laughing. But go to this link to see how the Pet Rock made it's inventor a millionaire- are you still laughing at the power of advertising?


Now let’s see how advertising has influenced you and why.

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Drivers of Globalization

About the Session-Long Project

During this Session-long project, you will analyze a logistics firm such as UPS, FedEx, Maersk Line (ocean shipping),  DHL Aviation, Landstar System (trucking), CSC (railroad), or Kinder Morgan (pipelines).  Almost every company uses logistics in some way, but in a logistics course, companies that specialize in it are more useful as case studies.

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Case Assignment

Respond to one of the following two essay assignments:

FIN565 Devry - Week 3

FIN565 week 3 is comlpeted with full points, Please rate, thanks


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Assignment 1: Should the U.S. Convert to a Zero Personal Income Tax? 

Due Week 7 and worth 280 points

Finance Question

Part1 (1page with the references)

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