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Response to ruquest for a proposal


The primary aim of this task is to assess your ability to create and communicate a project proposal

Assignment Background

LP2 Assignment: Financial Analysis

Assignment 2


LP2 Assignment: Financial Analysis

This assignment will assess Competency 2. Examine fundamental topics of current financial management.


A tricky financial project  which needs real stock market experience.

If you are not sure how to do it, don't send me messages please.

Sustainability 800-1000 words

Select a publicly held company and access the company's Web page on the Internet to read its most recent annual report. The annual report is typically found in an "Investor Relations" or "Company Information" section within the company's Web site. You can use this website to look up any publicly traded company's documents for additional consideration. Complete the following:

Using the company's financial statements, calculate and evaluate the firm’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) for the last 3 years, and summarize your findings in your paper. Be sure to address the following:

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