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 Textbook Graham R. J., Smart, S. B., & Megginson, W. L. (2010). Corporate finance: Linking theory to what companies do (3rd ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western

Finding the value of common stock.

This problem requires someone who is familiar with investments and stock valuation. One must find the value of common stock, then explain if you would purchase the stock or not. 


FIN 401.31

Assignment 1: Discussion Question

Research paper. Please submit after 6 hours. 1200 words

Due Date and Time: In the next 6hours today 16 September, 2016 

Weighting Total: 25%

Length: Maximum 1,200 words 

Group or Individual: Individual 


This assessment item assesses the following learning outcomes: 

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HO) 

2.1 Critically investigate real world business issues and problems drawing on analysis, evaluation and synthesis of discipline knowledge, including theory and practice. 

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