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Assignment Instructions

Topic: Teaching Effective Supervisor Skills 

Foundation of Financial Management

Assignment 1: Interest Rates and the Cost of Capital

General Questions:

Respond to the following questions thoroughly, in 150–300 words for each question. Use your textbook as your first and major reference.

Unit 3 Second Response Needed

Cash flow forecasting can be a successful tool in assessing a hospital’s profitability in the coming years. A cash flow forecast for a hospital could include both short term, a year, and long term, a few years.

Question and Problem Sets

Purpose of Assignment

Students should understand and be able to calculate the net present value and internal rate of return for corporate cash flows, determine project cash flows and a company's sales, variable costs, fixed costs, and its breakeven point.

Assignment Steps 

Financial Ratio Analysis

Purpose of Assignment

Students should understand how to use the financial information and tools learned in the class on a public company, obtain public company SEC reports, and use that data to calculate a company's financial ratios and their comparison to industry or competitor standards.

Assignment Steps 

Unit 3 First Response Needed

Cash flow forecasting supports health care organizations because it allows them to realize the daily actions and trends associated with different types of revenues.  Cash management allows the organization to identify where the delays in receiving funds from various streams may be occurring and can identify what is known as “Float.” Float is the difference between the ledger balance (the amount that has been received by the ba

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