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Present Value of Money



Answer the problems in "2015 Nov 24  Time Value of Money Problems"


Please submit all answers in a single Excel file. 


Show all of your calculations, step by step, performed by using Excel, and all answers should be

thoroughly explained. 

Summary the case and answer question 1&2

Summary the 4 year plan and each option and base on the total cost I choose the last one expand the warehouse to Mexico.

And I upload an example for the summary

Scamming Hedge

Deliverable Length:  3-4 pages 

Quiz Do today

need help with a quiz. I have 25 questions. It is taken online. It is timed. please do not submit without answering all the questions. It is due today.  It's for corporate finance course number 320. It must be competed after you receive payment. The test is taken online.

Determine the present values (PVs)

To Kim Woods

   Determine the present values (PVs) if 5,000 is received in the future (i.e., at the end of each indicated time period) in each of the following situations. (a)5% for ten years (b) 7 percent for seven years. (c)9 percent for four years.


By reading the requirements and details, finishing the excel I upload

Situation: A potential new client has just been left $1,100,000 (on an after-tax basis) from a wealthy grandparent and is deciding between your firm and Blackrock Investment in terms of who will manage their new found wealth.  As part of the process, the client would like you to put together a mock portfolio, detailing all potential assets to be included in the portfolio, as well as your forecast of the economy, markets, etc.

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