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Ratio Analysis

Paer 1

It is important to understand that when interpreting financial statements, the numbers alone may not provide the whole financial picture of an organization. Instead, you must analyze the statements using ratios, which are then compared to benchmarks across the health care industry. For this Assignment, examine the financial health of a community hospital.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Question and Problem Sets week 3 FIN370


All work must be done in Microsoft EXCEL!!!!!!!  I Also included the templates for chapters’ 5 and 8. Please have by 8:00am west coast time California time. Plagrism free, original work, and refs. APA format. Please do not disappoint. if you have a questions please ask early.


Week 5 Assignment

Please  find the problems in the excel file. Be sure and include all of your calculations. Attached is also a graring Rubric Make sure you have followed it correctly.
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