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Intermediate financial management

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1-2 Pages Maximim abstrarct follow the guideline 



1-Purpose of the Article 

1-2 sentences 

2-Scope of the Article

1-2 sentences

3- Classification

1 sentences

4- Findings of inferences of article



Projecting Financial Trends

An organization’s finances are closely linked to local and global markets. Therefore, regular monitoring of economic factors, such as employment, inflation, supply and demand, and interest rates is sure to provide beneficial information. Therefore, it is important to understand the impact of economic factors upon an organization’s current and future operations and finances.

week 8

"Distributions to Shareholders and Capital Structure Decisions"  Please respond to the following:

financial ratio presentation

Your analysis must begin with a financial ratio presentation and assessment of the two companies Lockheed Martin and United Technologies. I need 13 slides 200 words each. Must have it at 8:00am EST time no later. I already have the format and wrote a few information. Will upload assignment upon acceptance. No plagiarizing for I have already found the sources and if you find more you can add it in but under no means plagiarizing

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