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Assignment 1: LASA 2: Audit Planning-Report Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is the pricing of assets, funds, services, etc., transferred among related organizations.

Using your textbook, the online library resources, and the Internet, conduct research to discuss the transfer pricing regulations and select a recent case of transfer pricing.


Research the transfer pricing regulations, read the case, and write a six- to eight-page paper that includes the following:


Assignment 1: LASA 2—Cash Management and Budgeting

The new owner of Bob’s Boats, Bob, just purchased the business and discovered that the prior owner did not have a plan for managing the current assets of the company.  Bob has decided that the place to start is with a cash budget, using the template he used in his prior position.


week 5

got A

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Short Paper


24 pages


about Success Factors, Risk, and Projections on a company


this homework for Adrian Monroe so please don't send me MSG

to respond to weekly discussion questions form the proff and sometime from the student. I will send you the discussion and you respond to it. it's up to you long short up to you some peope write 20 word and some write more or less. I will post the syllabus and the "Chapter 1 PPT".  "Chapter 1 Lecture Notes" in case you need it 


you need to respond to the discussion and  respond to the student 


discussion 1


What is the importance of consumer credit in our economy?



Milestone One: Short-Term Personal Financial Goals

In this assignment, begin establishing a personal financial plan, reflecting your learning to date in the course. Now that you have an appreciation for developing long-term and short-term financial goals, you will be able to plan appropriately and make adjustments to reflect your intentions as well as outline steps to make necessary changes.

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