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"Cost Control"  Please respond to the following: 




Discussion—The Value of Budgeting in Short-Term Planning

LLQP Exams online help

Hi, I need to take online LLQP exam tonight. And I need someone who has taken and passed this exam and still confident that can do it. the exams are 4 modules, Life insurance, Accident & Sickness insurance, Segregated funds and annuity, and Ethics & professional practice 

Essay Question for Bill

Need a separate abstract and conclusion 
2.5 pages of full content (not including abstract and conclusion) 
APA Format 
12 Point Times New Roman 


"Time Value of Money and Bond Valuation" Please respond to the following:

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finance homework

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multiple cances

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fin100 homework

Complete the following homework scenario:

  • Using Websites report the current GDP, the current Federal deficit, the current Federal debt, and the bottom line of the current (last) budget approved by Congress (surplus or shortage). Note that the fiscal year for the federal government is October 1 – September 31.
  • What inference can you draw from the numbers collected?
  • The response should be at least 75 words

PAD 505 week 3

"Preparing the Operating Budget" Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activities, discuss two (2) differences between Michigan’s budget and your state budget in terms of budget process, financial reporting, and costs analysis (fixed costs, step-fixed costs, and variable costs). Justify your response with examples.

*Use the state of Alabama as the other state to compare Michigan with

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