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Assignment 2: Evaluation of Business Operations



Assignment 3: Organizational Assessment



1-2 Pages Maximim abstrarct follow the guideline 





1-Purpose of the Article 


1-2 sentences 


2-Scope of the Article


1-2 sentences


3- Classification


1 sentences


Need 2 questions done in 1 hour.

I need these 2 questions answered within the next hour (1.5 max) It is 2:50pm right now, I need this by 4pm - 4:15pm at the latest.  Do not send a handshake if you cannot do this within the time limit.



Define the role of EXIM, list all of their programs and give an example of how one of the programs works. 

This is not a 3 or 4 sentence answer. Be complete



Finance: Return on Investment: Education Funding

The instructions for the final paper is below. This paper will be done individually and it is due on or before March 22, 2017.  This paper must be handed in since sending it electronically will result in a grade of zero. Late papers will not be accepted and will also result in a grade of zero. The paper should be within the two - four pages range since less than two or more than four pages would result in loss of points.

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