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  1. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

a. Assume that two bonds have equal maturities and are of equal risk, but one bond sells at par while the other sells at a premium above par. The premium bond must have a lower current yield and a higher capital gains yield than the par bond.


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Resistance to change

1000-1200 words Resistance to change is a principal reason for failure of change management programs. Planning for resistance and addressing it at each stage in the process is critical, to avoid the resistance that is inherent in all change models, from derailing the progress toward change. Research the resistance to change in large system-change programs and address the following key points: •Explain the concept of resistance to change.

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1. Preston Inc.'s stock has a 25% chance of producing a 30% return, a 50% chance of producing a 12% return, and a 25% chance of producing a -18% return. What is the firm's expected rate of return?





FIN 401 Cash Management

Norma’s Cat Food of Shell Knob ships cat food throughout the country. Norma has determined that through the establishment of local collection centers around the country, she can speed up the collection of payments by two and one-half days. Furthermore, the cash management department of her bank has indicated to her that she can defer her payments on her accounts by one-half day without affecting suppliers. The bank has a remote disbursement center in Iowa.

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