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Basically just need to review the document attached, answer these questions in bullet point (transcript) for the student to be able to review 

Financial Accouting - Short Term Investments and Recievables - Short Answers

Question 1:

Multi Media Ltd. completed the following transactions:

September 14, 2016: Provided services to Inga Corporation on account, $3,000, terms 30 days.

November 1, 2016: Accepted a one-year, 12% note from Inga Corporation to settle its account.

December 31, 2016: Accrued interest on the note from Inga Corporation (round to the nearest dollar).

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Problem 23 


Part A) a mutual fund with beta of .8 has an expected rate of return of 14%. If the risk free rate =5%, and you expect the rate of return on the market portfolio to be 15%, should you invest in this fund? What is the fund's alpha?


Part B) What passive portfolio comprised of a market-index portfolio and a money market account would have the same beta as the fund? Show that the difference between the expected rate of retun on this passive portfolio and that of the fund equals the alpha from part a. 

finance excel project

Four stocks companies:  GOOG  YHOO  BABA   TMUS

Download last 10 years stock price data to compute ROR, EXPECT RUTURN, MPR, etc.

The file attached is an example. Follow the example to do this project (include DATA, EF, MPR, RESULTS, GRAPH five parts).

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