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This is a two part assignment. It needs to be one by tomorrow!! It needs to be done well!!!

Each paper needs a intro and conclusion.

Securities and Investments Q&A

Securities and Investments Q&A, only scholars of finance; typically securities and investments



4 paper


Due in 12 hrs.


Distributions to Shareholders and Capital Structure Decisions"  Please respond to the following:



discussion 8

1)Futures Markets and Risk Management" Please respond to the following:

500 words, Due within 2 hours



Please use in-text citation with APA format, 2 References, Plagiarism will be checked through turnitin software.


For Exceptional Proff only


Assignment 3


The following are specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment:


 • Explain the influence of leverage and risk on financial planning.



Financial Planning class. Must be 250 words must cite work.




  • Carl is considering investing in annuities as part of his retirement strategy. Explain two (2) aspects related to his future financial needs as a retiree that he should consider before he invests in annuities. Provide two (2) specific examples of types of annuities best suited to Carl to support your rationale.
  • Describe two (2) factors of an annuity that would make it a potential investment for you. Provide a rationale for your response.

Retirement Planning

Financial Planning class. Must be 250 words must cite work.


Retirement Planning


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