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FIN 515 Week 2 Problem Set - Chapter 4 (pages 132–136)

FIN 515 - Managerial Finance

DeVry Chicago Summer 2015


You were recently hired as management director of the new I Can Business Incorporated (ICBI). You have been asked to establish policies and systems for the business. The first one you choose to work on is a financial reporting system.


For this assignment, you must write 4–5 paragraphs that you will deliver to the ICBI board (discussed in the IP 3 assignment) on the need for a budget contingency plan. Please think of 2 scenarios or events that could happen in which a budget contingency plan is needed. You must answer the following:

Explain the need for a budget contingency plan

Identify two (2) events or problems that could occur in which a budget contingency plan is needed.

Add three (3) budgeting guidelines to prevent the risks or problems you identified in question #2.

Groupon Inc.

Was Groupon wise to turn down $6 billion from Google? Could it really be worth $25 billion?

Why do consumers love Groupon so much?

Are Groupon campaigns good for merchants?

Can Groupon sustain its early success? How serious a threat do Google and Facebook pose?

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