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Juicers Inc produces multiple fruit juices for the Caribbean market. You have been given responsibility forall planning and budgeting. The next operational planning meeting is two weeks away and they would likea master budget prepared for the next three months on the planning horizon. The accounting department hasprovided the following information.The company has a requirement that minimum cash balance of $40,000 each month. The juices are sold at$8 per liter.

Finance Question

1.  Financial Market is expecting a period of intense growth and has decided to retain more of its earnings to help finance that growth. As a result, it is going to reduce its annual dividend by thirty percent a year for the next seven years. After that, it will maintain a constant dividend. The pay out ratio is 32.5% and the company’s PE is 12. Last year, the company paid $3.60 as the annual dividend per share. You bought the stock at $34.

a. What is the market value of this stock if the required rate of return is 14.5 percent?

Finance Questions

1. Mega Industries Corporation has eighteen years of a bond outstanding to maturity, an 8.25% nominal coupon, with semiannual payments.  The bond has a 6.50% nominal yield to maturity, and can be called at a price of $1,120. 

a. What is the bond’s nominal yield to maturity when called?

b. What is the bonds effective yield? If inflation rate is at 2.95% what is the real rate of return?


Finance Questions

1)       A $1000 par value bond was issued 25 years ago at a 12% coupon rate. It currently has

         10 years to maturity. Interest is paid annually. What would the price of the bond

         be today if interest rates were currently 8%?  14%?

 2)      ABC Company's most recent stock dividend is $3.00. The firm's management feels


Select a puplicly listed company of your choosing. Identify key inflection points in the company's stock price going back three years. Analysis and discuss the impact of the various events which lead to these stock price movements.


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