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Write an essay of maximum 2,000 words on the following topic*;Evaluate the importance of modern banking in the economic process. In the context of the Global Financial Crisis, what potential costs may banks impose on society. Critically assess why such costs emerge in the first place.;most importantly, it has to be harvard referenced

Real Estate Homework

You are to perform and investment analysis on the purchase of Del Norte Terraces Medical Dental Center in Poway. Review the Broker Presentation that is attached.Please only use the broker package and DO NOT DISTURB THE BROKERS.

This broker has prepared a presentation package. You are to use the broker assumptions and prepare a 5 year pro forma with revised assumptions. You are also required to calculate the investment ratios and performance measures using the revised assumptions that are provided.


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Analyze the following scenario: The Hospital for Ordinary Surgery uses pharmaceuticals for its patients.&nb

Internatioal Finance Homewok

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For Part 1 you will need to answer the questions to the case study. I have attached the directions and resources below to complete the assignment.  For the excel portion (Part 2) you will need to show the work. The questions are shown on the problems worksheet. 

Week 5

In 2009, ExxonMobil (XOM) acquired XTO Energy for $ 41 billion. The acquisition provided ExxonMobil an opportunity to engage in the development of shale and unconventional natural gas resources within the continental United States. This acquisition added to ExxonMobil’s existing upstream (exploration and development) activities.

Finance course project

Course Project - Stock Performance and Equity Investments

Capital Rationing

Compare and contrast the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), the Net Present Value (NPV) and Payback approaches to capital rationing. Which do you think is better? Why?  Provide examples and evidence from two articles from ProQuest to support your position. Your post should be 200-250 words in length.

Working Capital

Read the journal article, “Businesses Seeking Working Capital-Survey.” Based on the information presented in the article,

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