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Compare and Contrast Essay.

Write a draft of a 500-word Compare and Contrast Essay. Use either the point-by-point structure or the subject-by-subject structure. Write about something you are familiar with, and do not use outside sources.

short narrative paragraph

Write a short narrative paragraph (half-page – 250 words) beginning with this sentence: I awoke to a sound I could not identify. Your narrative should contain the following elements: orientation, sequence of events, dialogue (two people talking), and a resolution.


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responce to Titanic movie

For this response, write about the entertainment text you've chosen to focus on in your essay. What movie, TV show, book, etc. are you writing? How did you become aware of this text? Why did you choice this text in particular? Ultimately, what argument are you making about the potential impact or influence this text could have on its viewers? Do you think it has a beneficial or detrimental impact on viewers? How so, and why? 



For Catherine  only.

field trip essay, and notes

The term fieldworker has different meaning in agriculture than is does in research, but for this assignment you will merge the definitions. You should be going out into the "field," literally (or in special circumstances and only with instructor-approval--metaphorically.Choose a research site--a Gardeners' or Farmers' Market, a round-up, a county or state fair, or any other event or site with farming or agricultural roots, and take a field trip.  To complete your own primary research - in other words fieldwork - prepare yourself in the following ways:

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