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4000 words paraphasing





Need 4000 paraphasing. APA formate. New references.  Will use turnitin. No grammer errors. New senetences. I will provdide files, 

Power Point 8 - 10 Slides With Speakernotes

Using the country identified in Week Two, select a company in that country and a company in the U.S. with which it may want to merge. (This is a hypothetical merger analysis, not an analysis of a real one.) Prepare a recorded 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title slide and reference slide) in which you:

Ethical Analysis Paper


Ethical Analysis Paper 1

Write a 1000 – 1500 word (minimum) paper answering this question:

research paper

draft of 5 pages due on sunday

final paper of 6 pages due on monday


details in mail

speech delivery

 I need a paper for my speech class.

Instructions : Prepare and deliver a 2 minute tribute honoring a group, person, institution, or idea.

Question 6

In this unit, we discussed the creation of body paragraphs for your research paper.

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