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Science Concepts We Should Know

Science Concepts We Should Know  


Lego Is for Girls By Brad Wieners December 14, 2011

Using the Lego article (posted in Course Content), describe the process Lego went through once they decided to target a new market segment: girls. Answer the each of the following questions in 50 words or less:

1. What research did they do, where and what did they discover about how girls play differently?

2. What changes did Lego make to the Lego product, packaging, and their minifigure?

3. When the girls' product was introduced on store shelves in Target how was it displayed initially and then afterwards?

class activity




Chapter leader ASSIGNMENT





writing about a Statisticians found in AmStat.org

you may write a 3-page report after reading the Ethical Guidelines for Statisticians found in AmStat.org under "About".


I have a survey essay letter

art paper

its an art paper with specific guidlines about the "nogouchi gardens" in costa mesa california



i will also send more materials to help



Writing Homework

The first and second attachment are the essay that you need to read them first and do peer review for both essay. The third attachment is instruction of peer review. The last attachment is a sample of peer review which you can follow it. 

Social Media

Deliverable Length:  500-600 words

For this assignment, you will be writing an informal business proposal memo.

Your company is interested in venturing into the world of social media as part of a growth strategy. Unfortunately, the decision makers have very limited experience or knowledge in this area. They are particularly interested in the following social media services, among others:

Mini-Case Assignment

This is a mini-case assignment, please read it carefully and answer the three questions at the end of the case study.

* No more than one page long.

* No Plagiarism.

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