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The purpose of this assignment is to research an educational issue and develop a deeper understanding of the topic, which will enable you to recognize how this topic has influenced and will influence your professional practice and learning. You may use the course textbook as a starting point and then select research through the Concordia library.

Assignment expectations:

        • €Write a 5  page paper (not counting cover page and References).

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This is an assignment about logical fallacies, I need to answer all the questions with the right kind of fallacy. For example: 1- Hasty generalization. 2- Begging the question, or maybe "no fallacy". Please read the instruction on the assignment carefuly before doing it.

homework in high school in USA

My research question is  what kinds of homework in high school  are relevant and how much/

•    Should be all the 10 articles primary I don’t want secondary. 


•    The Annotated Bibliography is a list of all selected references with a summary and evaluation (annotation) written for each article.  The Annotated Bibliography is a method for documenting and organizing selected research.



effective educational leader

The purpose of this assignment will be to develop a personal leadership inventory of skills, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, which will enable you to be an effective educational leader. 

Assignment includes:

Reflect on your learning in this course about effective educational leadership.

Write an 8-10 page paper summarizing what makes an effective educational leader. Utilize course text, readings, research. APA format; third person; citations and reference page

Instructional Strategies/Leadership

Should the writer read book strengths finder 2.0 page from37 to 165

Strength Finder Theme Assignment (Week 3) 150 pts. Assignment Criteria:

1) APA cover page required; six pages (includes cover page)

2) Using your Strengths Finder 2.0 Report respond to each of the following questions; be thorough in response.

Drugs in Schools

**Assignment Title:  Reflection and Synthesis Recap (RSR)            75 points – Due Week 3

    The purpose of this assignment will be to demonstrate personal and professional reflection of the assigned topics.

o    Students will individually write a two page reflection on the week’s assigned reading.

o    Include additional APA cover page and use APA format in the text.

o    Include the following questions/statements to frame your reflection:

Philosophy of Leadership

Philosophy of Leadership

Your leadership philosophy should be a statement that includes your leadership values, and the beliefs that guide you as a leader. (Pre-class and in-class work sheet)

Rey writer.

The paper about the history of the culture of the native american culture and the history of the native american flute.


It is have to be a full-text of 4 pages and it have to be used with a minimum if 3 refrances.


The due have to be in 36 hours.


The community is Fayette County in Pennsylvania

This is a group project.

The following criteria will be used in evaluating your paper.

    1.    Clarity and readability

    2.    Organization and style

    3.    Adequate documentation

    4.    Technical requirements (length, typed, APA,.)

The extent to which the assignment content and requirements were covered (45%);

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