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write an essay about Robert Frank

choes picture was made by Robret frank and weite an essay decribe the picture < two pages and half.

more instrcture down in the file 


Everyone’s an Author, Chapter 17 Pick one of the “Ways of Structuring Arguments” (pp. 406- 416).


Make an outline of the argument you will use in your persuasive essay using one of these ways (Classical, Toulmin, Rogerian, or Invitational). 


The idea and title of the outline is taken from the word doc uploaded it needs to be the same subject but be free to write down whatever outline you see appropiate for a ***10-pages persuasive essay. *Classical way is preferable.


needs to be at lease 2 pages


English essay


 Social Justic , 3 pages ......


 Technology and Social media 

Prof. Dan.

I need it to be done by the time 4 pm or maximumly 9 pm the instructor  in the file below


You will find the reading choices and the grading rubric on the Resources tab.

Write a well-organized reflection, 2 pages in length (typed, double-spaced).

  • Why is diversity and inclusion important to the campus culture at the University of Toledo?
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