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Homework JTT

Reflect on the "face negotiation theory" by stella ting toomey and the "speech codes theory" by gerry philipsen. Both the theories are attached in the documents! DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES! due on tuesday at 11:30 am.

Reflections Guidelines:


 Explain the concept that the NTSB is "independent." Thence, define the scope and purpose of the Party System.


What is the big deal about keeping tracking of units in the design and operation of an aircraft? Discuss an example of where either designers, pilots, or aircraft mechanics made a mistake in unit conversions that contributed to an incident.

I need assistance with an Argumentative Research Paper for English CompThe

I need a Subject, Thesis statment, and 1 annonation but all together I need 10 annonations and the paper has to be 10 pages long.   I need the Subject, Thesis Statement, And 1 Annonation as soon as possible and then the paper needs to be done within the next week or so.

3 pages - choose your own topic

Below are some sample questions. You are welcome to formulate your own topic/question. If so, please run it by me first. 

Art analyze paper

Read the directions and fundamentals,select 4 objects to analyze, please describing each element and integrating into your analyses comparisons to object(s) we have studied in the textbook or in lecture from the PowerPoints.


Attached the example essay.


more than 5 page


due in 3 days


Art reading assignment 5

View the video, "History of the Roman Colosseum". Then submit a minimum 150 word response to the main ideas and themes. 

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