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Need an intro and summary for a paper

I just need a few paragraphs added to the paper I will provide. I need an introduction and summary. I will need it by 2AM EST. Thanks

answer questions from the description box.

Read the discussion in the PDF file and then write reply to it.

You MUST post a reply (200 words minimum) to ONE other student’s response( which is in the PDF file) , indicating (a) the central or important point made, (b) analyze or explain the point, (c) whether you agree or disagree with their response or point, and (d) why you agree or disagree with their response or point.  




can some one do it. It due in 6 hours

You will succeed at this challenge if you:

can you just re write

need it as possible as you can


A great job!

I want a two page paper about the three sisters play, and I will post the syllabus for what the papers should include.


3602 paper dr. royal

Paper Guidelines

Task: Write a 3-4 page essay (A) describing, (B) analyzing and (C) evaluating a speech.

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