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outline for the presuasive speech

I attached my essay for presuasive speech ! Also, I did attach the way from how to make it and sample as well


Please follow the proceduer very well ! and make it at least four pages outlines ! you can add on the essay some information and sentences to make the outline better if you like ! that is super fine :) !


you have 18 hours to make this done ! 

idioms assignment

assignments from lesson 14 - 23 


i attached the lessons and the assignment 


(due is after 5 hours)

outline for the informative speech

I did the informative speech.


I need you to do the outline for this essay ! 


I attached to you the essay with the proceduer which explain how to make the outline ! and i gave you an example also for one speech how to make it. 


I want you to write as much as you can in this outline and follow every single guidline :) ! 


I hope that i explained everything :) 




  • This is what the project should contain, in power point form
    • Pictures of the artist and examples of their work

for think_vision writer

                                Persuasive speech

-The topic for persuasive speech must reflect the chicano and latino experience in the local and global society.

-always back up the data. According to .........

- Use three academic sources.

- Sources cannot be older than 10 year old.

- Ciation page is the last page.

- Use (Logos) apeal = VERABAL materials


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