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should companies continue testing on animals

A 1200 word position paper about the morality of animal testing, using at least 8 scholarly/ academic sources in MLA format. 

Explaining how animal testing is bad and how companies should start using alternative methods such as Vitro

5 paragraph essay in a MLA Format and has to be work cited

I need 5 Paragraph essay on Wall street but it has to be in a MLA Format and has to be work Cited and has to have max 4 work cited 

music concert review

watch a music cencet video and then write one page review


instrument players play(saxophone, guigar, piano such like that)


English research paper

 research paper that must be a minimum of 1500 words (about five typed pages)and it will be my grade for the paper will be based on your synthesis and organization of ideas (i.e., combining your supporting evidence from the research sources with your own ideas ), my style (clarity, coherence, correct use of formal, academic English grammar -- ), and MLA bibliographical formatting, including the Works Cited page .


I  attach all the inofarmation 

any one is able to complete my poison essay and do 3 more pages on it?

if you able to do it in 6 hours I will send it to you with the instraction.

English homework

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