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international relations in the post cold war era

Hello, i have an international relations in the post cold war era class assignment needs help.



English summary

read the article and summarize the article in 600 words by using the five questions. 

English 102 Journal 2

You are now engaged in a research project! This can be a very exciting and intimidating process, but you have a great support network to help you.

Take just a moment to think about something you have researched in the past, and describe what that experience was like. What did you research? What were your reasons for researching it? What did you find out about the topic and about yourself? Did you find yourself seeking out primary or secondary sources? What kinds of sources did you use? How did you choose your topic, and what was the result of your research?


English 102: Toulmin Method Essay With Annotated Bibliography

Genre: Argumentative Research Essay

Length: 5-7 pages

Format: MLA


Subject for assignment: PTSD in the Military


English 102: Rhetorical Analysis

Genre: Analytical

Length: 3-5 pages

Format: MLA

Speech to be used for this assignment: "I Have  Dream" by Dr. King:


English 102: Persuasive Essay

Genre: Argument

Length: 3-5 pages

Format: MLA Textbook:

The non-profit organization for this assinment is "The United Negro College Fund



Now that you have completed the Research Plan and the Stasis Model, we will begin the process of testing our argument and gathering more information specifically to support our position. Make sure that you gather good, credible information and that you cite your sources in the body of the outline. Please consult the examples folder if you have questions, or you may contact me any time.

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