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English Composition 1

Audience awareness. As you move forward in our course, think about audience. Think about audience in all things that you do.

Intro to Early Childhood education

Using the theories and approaches that were discussed, fill in the table below ranking each according to how you connected with them ("most connected" at the top and "least connected" at the bottom) Be sure to delete the example row provided.


Theorists/Theories –Most connected to least connected


Learning Approaches – Most connected to least connected


 Topic 1 Piaget – Theory of Cognitive Development


Topic 1. Montessori approach








Critical Analysis needed. Please follow the instructions on the paper. Thank you

  1. research 3 or more points of analysis that can be used in a critical analysis for Case Study #3.

Responses due by Sunday Feb. 14, 2016 11:00am

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts (Note: 2 of my colleague’s responses are copied below, I need one response for each person) in at least one of the following ways:

English paper

The essay should be approximately 5 paragraphs long.

Paper should be MLA formatted

 The paper should havee clear introduction from general to specific. ending in thee thesis statement

Thesis should contain both the topic and the paper point of view. ( the oaoer shoould tell the reader what the subject of the paper and answer the question "so what?"

Peper need min of 2 outside sources and include the sources in the paper. 1 is okay if it is good.

Paper must include a work cited page and any references used!

Polishing Ideas: The Canon of Style

“Polishing Ideas:  The  Canon of  Style” (Lesson 13) Gong and Dragga demonstrate the importance of  recognizing your  own writing style  and  the reasons for  sometimes adapting a different  style to suit your  purpose, the audience, and the situation.

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