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Drug Legalization Post & Discussion

Drug Legalization Post & Discussion


Your assignment this week is to respond to the issue of "Legalizing all drugs of addiction in the US"  Respond to this assignment on the "Discussion Board" by addressing the sections below (a suggestion is to start a word document, respond to the sections below, then copy and paste into the discussion board or simply uploa

need paraphrase

I attached the summary in PDF file , i need someone to paraphrase it ,, I mean make it the same meaning with diffrenet words 

who can do that within 3 hours ???



I want a presentation ab ac-mila soccer time around 5 minutes I want basic vocabulary as I am international student

Essay 2

Essay #2: Integrate Kubler-Ross, Aries, Gawande and the other materials in this section around a core theme. Be comprehensive but also precise. Use precise citation machinery and a bibliography. 2-3 pages.

3 pages Spain research

1.     Describe key aspects of Spain’s history, religion.  Feel free to briefly bring the reader and audience up to date on any major current news about the country. ( 2 pages for this part)


Half finished English essay needs it by tomorrow

An half finished english essay about, half way done. Needs help on grammar and finish it up. 

US Response to Cyberattacks


US Response to Cyberattacks






summary one page


This link artical 




Resources to Help You Choose the Digital Tools Your Classroom Needs

one page 

last sentence what i learned 


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