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1200 words S/A (1)

Choose one of the topics below to write your literary research paper. Remember your paper must be at least 1200 words.

for a plus

Critical analyses must be a maximum of three pages in length; only the first three pages will be read and evaluated by the instructor. You will identify the problem or opportunity and discuss a viable solution based on your analysis of the case. The general structure of all critical analyses:


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MLA format ! 

Topic gun Control 

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Summary Response

The draft about my chosen essay is attached. I just write this short paragraph                        

Please edit it and complete it.                

The attachment in the essay that i choose contains the questions that you have to answer them in the essay.


Please do a great job. Requirements innthe attachment

Summarize and Reflection

Read the article "The trutch about boys and girls" and write 1-2page summarize and 1-2 page reflection.

the artile I post in attrachment, and I post a sample essay and summarize guildline. No more than two citation. one inch margin 

for For Prof Linda-Harris Only

argumentative research paper for 8-10 pages long. the work cited page is not included in that page minimum. 

Audience: college-educated readers who are familiar with the readings in our anthology but who want to know more about the different topics included in order to learn about the other important information and views surrounding the issues raised. You should not assume that they are supportive of your views; instead, you should assume that there will be readers who will disagree with your views on the issues.


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