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Purchasing and Receiving of Food and Beverage Items

Large restaurants and food service organizations set purchasing objectives that ensure an efficient operation. The purchasing manager develops the specifications for purchasing products for a menu item. The Manager establishes a par level to ensure enough products are available during the order period. Product purchasing, receiving and storing involves careful planning and attention to detail.


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The External Marketing Environment in the Global Marketplace

Assignment 3






The External Marketing Environment in the Global Marketplace




Assignment Scenario:






Business Marketing

You have just been hired as a new Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing associate with ZMX Global, inc., a national distributor of food, beverage, and supplies to hospitality oriented businesses. As part of your marketing training, you have been tasked with finding new marketing opportunities (Retailers, wholesalers, Internet, institutions, etc.) for the distribution of a new product called “Bon Vivant Organic Gourmet,” a high quality organic frozen food product.

Antecedents of Target Marketing

In this Assignment, you will discuss antecedents of target marketing as they relate to the video case study on Numi Organic Tea. The video case study on Numi Organic Tea describes how the company’s sampling program helps position the Numi Organic Tea brand with its target markets. The brand’s premium position ties naturally into the customer outlined in the film, but Numi is also interested in expanding outside of the major tea drinker into more casual tea drinkers.

Unit 6 Assignment: Marketing Research Plan

Assignment: Prepare a Marketing Research Plan











music paper

Topic: differences between folk guitar and classic guitar.


Unit 7 Assignment: New Product Development

New products have a purpose in the marketplace, which is to maintain growth and profitability and to replace outdated products in the marketplace. In this Assignment, you will learn how Jim King and his wife decided to create the company GaGa’s Inc. using the product Sherbetter, a frozen desert product line. GaGa’s quickly expanded the product line from just Lemon to several other flavors as well as Sherbetter bars. In the video on how GaGa’s Inc.

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