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Essay MLA style minimum 500 words

Our first essay is rather simple. It asks the question "What impact has reading had on your life?" Please reflect on this question for a few minutes and then post a short essay in the MLA format. If you have any questions, please let me know by email. Here is the full-page description of the assignment:


Guys: As you work on your assignment for this week and think about the overall structure of the proposal, reflect here on the purpose of the conclusion. Unlike an academic essay, the conclusion for a proposal has a purpose that is more than summarizing what has come before. What do you think makes for strong conclusion?. Feel free to use your own assignment as a way to respond to this question--or any other situation that you have experienced.

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Literary Analysis

Write a 5-6 page essay on how The Kite Runner reveals historical, social, or cultural issues.

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