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I need help doing my English homework.

Read the essay titled, " The Objectification of Women: Whose Fault is it" by Santi DeRosa found on page 274-276 of the textbook.  Answer the questions below using complete sentences about the information from the text. ( I have attached the pictures of the essay.)

1. What audience does DeRosa have in mind for this essay?

Music - Evolution of Jazz Assignment

Performer Paper (4-6 pages, double-spaced) 


Select a jazz artist and write about his/her ensemble-discuss life, career highlights and music. (bibliography-discography)


Artist: Louis Armstrong (please no Wikipedia answer)



Name, Character

After reading the section in your text on "Characterization," complete the following exercises:

Research paper

I have chosen a topic to write about, and I' ve done proposal and annotation.

I need at least 2500 words essay.  

The topic I want you to resear about is why people choose to be vegetarian or vegan, and I will attach the specific requirement.

I need it tomorrow 5PM (Apr 4). 

Thank you.

Religion 5.1

There are stories of sacrifice, bondage and exodus, and survival in the wilderness that are an integral part of the Jewish tradition. Compare and contrast the plots of these stories with secular stories that you are aware of with similar themes. In addition, discuss the significance of the secular stories for the intended audiences.

Find articles and write argument essay about it

I want you Find article and write argument essay about it and write summary about the essa what you writ. 

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