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why do we go to schoole essay

i need someone to write half page about why do we go to school 

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im international student  ineed simple English 

Demanding work! Linguistic assignment-assigned reading questions

Please carefully read assigned reading link then answer the following questions. No Copy and Paste!! No plagiarism!! Use clear ideas but in simple sentences. 


Philosophy 1 page assignment

Please take a look at the posted attachmen.


Module 1 -DB

Think of a time when you were strongly moved – to fear, or anger, or tears, perhaps, but perhaps, also, to laughter – by a story or a poem or a film. Considering both the nature of the story or poem or film and your own circumstances at the time, try to identify and share your ideas about literature as a key part of human culture.


2-3 paragraphs, 2 references 

For Lady Hawkins Ph.D only"

For the work you did for me:)

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