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Discussion 2

Due in 24 hours.

Following attached instructions

English Comp 1

Write a 500-750 word essay using description as the chief method of development

A favorite item of clothing


homework help

You are required to post items to the course online discussion forum that add value to the topic that is covered that week linking theory to real world examples. You will have two open discussion postings during the semester (Check syllabus calendar for when Open Discussion Postings will be due).

Book review

Book review:

 (Elias, Jamal J. Islam. Prentice Hall Inc.: Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1999)


A three (3) page report (typed, double spaced text, 750 words) consisting of detailed and interesting points that have been learned (refer to the page numbers)


The book and two reviews samples are uploaded.


This is assignment is going to be uploaded on TURNITIN so there must be no plagiarism. I'm not going to accepte the assignment and will despute  if there is any plagiarism. We both don't want to lose time disputing. 

Essay paper

I need you to write an essay which is about "scholarship" only  2 to 4 pages

In this essy i have to interduce your self

1-My name

-Yousef Alnajar

-I'm 21 years old

-From Qatar

- my hobies , soccer, swimming and basketball.

2-What is your student status?

- Single.

3- Where do you go to school?

- Pheonix college.

4- Unique background?

- Do it your own

5- What is your field of study?

- Business manegment

6- why did you choose this area ?


7 Why are you seeking suport ?

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