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Please see attachment for assignment details.  Do not use a paper from this website or any other website and edit it and claim it as original work.  NO PLAGIARISM!


In no fewer than 750 words, write an evaluation essay of a parenting model o

English Paper concerning Coal Mining

Please see the attached rubric. Needs to be in MLA.  Needs to correspond with the Pathos Logos and ethos. Need it back by tomorrow night.

martin luther king jr

5 - 7 pages



the topic is 

martin luther king jr


follow the attached rubric for very well 


need it in 14 hours or less


write an Argumant Essay about cosmetics surgery being dangeourous, 5 paragraph including introduction and conclusion with An MLA format, the essay should have 

 Developing a thesis/claim

Organizing your pro points to support your thesis/claim

argument essay

I need write an argument essay about technology, such as the smartphone. the format should be MLA. need some quotes, like experts claiming. the number of words should more than 800.Using example, fact, and authority to approve the idea.

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