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I have a group communication class.

I need an essay in one and half page.


write about a group you have work with it.

which kind of group?

how is it?

what are the positives and nigatives happend.

how were the members of the group with you? do they have a good ideas and supporting you?


(( I need it in 6 hours from Now ))


please try to think for a good idea and you most do it perfect, it's my final submitted for this class.

No copy and paste!!! 




read all details tutor mitchelle


Educational Articles - Summary

I need you please summarize the five attached articles into one page for each article so you will deliver five pages eventually. make sure to start with the name of the article before you write the summary. so I can know which article you summarized. Thank you!!


happiness according to Aristotle

i need thesis statement, argument, counter argument, examples, , and conclusion

use this book: The Nicomachean Ethics (Oxford World's Classics) Revised Edition by Aristotle (Author), Lesley Brown (Editor), David Ross (Translator)

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