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1. Unless directed otherwise by an instructor, the best approach to writing a response paper is to

A. critique the author's writing style.

B. begin by reading responses other people have written.

C. focus on a key idea or a question raised by the essay to which you're responding.

D. prepare by reading related essays.


Literacy Narrative Essay

Literacy Narrative Essay (CAN#3) 



OPINION PAPER (550 words min.) 


Read the lip-synch article that will be distributed in class. Give your opinion on the issues raised in 


the article. This assignment will be discussed in more detail in class.





Not Live


By Teresa Wiltz


and Greg Kot




Posted: Aug. 11, 1998      


An autobiographical essay


write an essay that reflects of yourself as a writer.  The assignment includes several questions that will help you  understand the kinds of information to include.  

1-what do you remember about learning to read as a child?

2-what do you remember about learning to write as a child?

3-do you write in more than one language ? If so what do you remember about ?

4-what kind of writing have you done in school ?

GNED 500 assignment

do only question 4 and question 5 of assignment 2


which is:


How does this problem/issue relate to your personal or professional life? (Think about how you are connected to the problem as a global citizen, or in terms of your chosen career path)

What questions do you have about this problem/issue?


due on feb 8th. 

tomorrow noon.

need very good quality. 

Curriculum Design Evaluation i3

Curriculum evaluation and change can employ a variety of processes. Those involved can be external to the organization, within the organization, or a combination of both. The drivers of change can be experts, implementers (instructional designers, teachers, or trainers), or learners.

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