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For Nightingale ONLY

I need these paper on Thursday. its aboutThinking Critically exercise . I need you to write 8 pages and follow the  instructions . 

The Dutchman Essay Question

Disset Clay's monologue and use other plays assigned to class to identify specific ideas and concepts that resonate with the African American community. 


Other plays assignrd to class that could be used in the essay includes: 

A Sunday Morning In The South 

A Raisin In The Sun 

Big White Fog

Mine Eyes Have Seen 



English eassy

Add half page of introduction about why this guy is important

Two page of -different opinions about this guy

                       -by source

                       -by opinion

and a page of conclusion about evalvation of the sources and your opinion about this person


can you do it?

Theatre class

it's research,and project/presentation but i'm not going to do the presentation so i need it like a research

check the attachment!


I have an interview?


There are six questions about the interview.


1-What the God is you believes in him?

2-Do you believe about life after death?

3-Do you believe after death there are Heaven and Hell?

4-How do they decide between right and wrong in your religion?

5-Do you have a Scripture? what is it?

6-Do you have your religion preaches, Messenger? How and what he do for you and religion?

can you do it?

Theatre class

check out the attachment!

research paper

a research paper about wing design of a low wing and high wing aircraft (advantages and disadvantages) 3 pages double space 

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