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Effective communication e-mail revision

Week 7 Assignment 4: Email Revisions

Due Week 7 and worth 100 points

Revise the two (2) emails below to remove problematic content and help these students construct polite, effective email messages instead.

Scenario 1:

add two more example and two more reference (must from google scholar).

check the paper here.  don't change my paragraphs structure.

don;t add paragraph. add them to the 2 body paragraphs. 

i need one full page art discussion that answers all the part of the description.

o you think that works of art are an effective means for addressing the spread of knowledge in our culture?

Oral Presentation

10 minutes presentation 



after watching this website and write a summary



only need to write 1.5 pages

don't copy the summary in online

ESL level/ fresh college student level

Answer the following question base on readings in Food Matters

All of these essays are about justice in some way, either for workers or for a more just food system at the macro level. Answer a brief question about each reading to help facilitate our discussion.

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