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 cause and effect essay 


write an essay exploring the causes effects or both of incresed violence among children in the U.S


minimun of 4 paragraphs it must be 2 pages 





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Capitalism and the U.S. Economy

Capitalism and the U.S. Economy

 In a command or planned economy, the government, not the market, regulates the factors of production and economic activities considered essential to the function of the economy.  Economic decisions including what goods and services to produce (supply), how resources are allocated and regulated and how profits are distributed are made and implemented by the government.

Maximizing Profits and Minimizing Losses

Maximizing Profits and Minimizing Losses

Consider a supplier of agricultural equipment who is deciding how much of two products should be produced by his firm. You determine what the two products are.

Now create a report that includes a discussion and analysis regarding how such a supplier makes such a determination in order to maximize the firm’s profits. Include in your response:

o    A discussion of exactly what costs are associated with profit maximization.

o    A discussion of the concept of “opportunity cost.”

Market Structures

Market Structures

Most European countries have nationalized their universities and colleges. Consider that some countries have also used the law to ban private colleges. Should higher education be classified as a natural monopoly in these European countries? Explain and justify your answer and use appropriate examples to support your conclusions.

Next, consider the case of several large, established pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Merck. What type of market form do you believe that such manufacturers operate under?

Assignment 2: Note Taking and Summary

Assignment 2: Note Taking and Summary

Before You Begin…

To successfully complete your assignment, you should have completed the following tasks:

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