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English Assignment

Assignment: "Proposal Critique"

In this assignment you will be rewriting and critiquing the proposal provided.

I need 9 short essay questions answered 1500 words max

I have attached the 9 questions I need the short essays for I will need them answered as if you were the person applying they are for admittance into math and science academy. I need strong essays please read questions before offering to do work to make sure you can answer them correctly.


english paper

Watch the video

Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume

in TED (www.ted.com)


Watch the video, then put together one FULL-page paper (typed and double-spaced) about what you learned. Please include the link to that particular talk.



" Christmas Carol book"

Choose one topic to write about from the list below. Write a good, well-developed paragraph or two about each one. Be sure to have a good topic sentence. Make sure to answer the question completely with reasons, details and examples. Show me that you are ready for the next Level in IELI.

4 page essay-r there benefits to students using laptops in the college classroom?

ill give you two attachments one is the article"profs hit delete on laptops" and the other one is about the essay

benefits or negatives?u have to choose one side to write

read the "essay5" attachment carfully



write 1.5 or 2 page paper

Reflection and Application Assignment


Write one short paragraph for each chapter, relating your reactions, felings,thoughts, what stand of you and why. please be careful for the plagiarism

Write one short paragraph for each chapter 2-4 sentences, relating your reactions, felings,thoughts, what stand of you and why there are 30 chapters.


please be careful for the plagiarism 

Journal entry

need help with this journal entry

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