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Bonus Journal Social Media

This journal will be worth up to 20 points. The title, word count, degree of detail, and overall coherence of the response will determine the number of points awarded. This is an exploratory writing assignment, so you do not have to worry too much about format or editing.

British Literature Essay #1

Attached are the instructions. Everything must be folowed to the T.


I will need a work cited.


outline, and annotated bibliography listing each source you intend to use, following MLA format.  The outline should help you plan a paper with proper introduction, body and conclusion.  The Writing center is available to help you with all aspects of planning and writing your paper.  A minimum


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Discussion due today help

Please use attached resources and in-text citings 


english homework

it shoud not be plagiarized

has to be 4-5 pages

due tommorrow 11:00am


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