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In Chapter 7 McCloud offers his definition of “Art.” For this paper begin by giving me your definition of art. If it differs from McCloud’s explain how and why. Then pick a text that exemplifies your definition of art and prove how it is art based on your definition. You could also pick a text and show how it is not art based on your definition. Either way you need to clearly show how the text fits, or does not fit, your definition (not McCloud’s unless your definition is the same as McCloud’s).You must cite all works you pick to work with in the text and in the bibliography.


Question #1: How is “Patriarchy” defined?



Employee Engagement editing




proofreading Employee Engagement assignment.

Check grammar/spelling.

make necessary changes.

make sure the essay is easy to follow.

should be in APA format.




Prepare: As you prepare to write your second discussion response for this week, be sure to complete the following:


    Review our readings and discussions about library research methods.

    Review your own methods for researching and finding library resources.

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Essay 2: Synthesis Argument, Comparison (Thesis due 9/16, Draft due 9/23, Final due 9/30 by midnight on Turnitin) For this essay I want you to do a rhetorical comparison of two political speeches. In essence this is a compare/contrast essay. Pick two speeches or articles that are on the same topic, but are by different politicians. They can argue for a different side of the same topic, or the same side. Who you pick and the topic are open, and you are not limited to recent speeches, though you must have English versions of them.

Clinical Field Experience C: Case Study – William Finds His Base

The video “William Finds His Base” follows William’s progress throughout the year. Based on your observations, complete a 250-500-word reflection that incorporates the following:

4pages witting

4 pages. APA format, follow the prompt. The first 4 IMG are the first article. 5-8 IMG are the second article. the last 3 are the third article.

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