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please read the article and write a summary in two pages double space and also create one challenge question about the article.  


Original short story

I need an original short story for a workshop that is 5-7 pages, nice and polished.


Prepare a one page summary of an article of your choice about current issues i

Personal Analysis - Your 16th Century Voyage

This assignment provides an opportunity to use your imagination and the historical facts discussed in this week's reading.  You will write a personal analysis of 16th century world exploration from the point of view of a sailor on a 16th century ship who has set sail for unknown lands. In 400-450 words, describe your voyage. Discuss from where you originate, where you are headed, why you are going there, who you discover and what they look and act like, what you bring back, and how your country of origin will react to your discoveries.

a proposal for the essay

Essentially, you are creating an outline and you can submit your proposal in an outline form. you will use the prompt to help you create this outline.

In order to create this outline you should first draft a thesis statement will be an argument with a clear position. 

then think about the structure and organisation of this essay.

you should make this outline as detailed as possible, so you will want to include details like which outside source you will use in which section. 

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