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Acadamic Summary

Acadamic Summary

 MLA Format

Write a Summary of the article ( Don't copy the words from the article itself. Parapharase the main idea and major poins of the article.)

Download the the article 

Download the summary requirement attached file and follow the instructions.

Due Date by 6/28/2017 9:00 pm

6 Quizzes and 1 Paper

Please see the attachments for each quiz and for assignment paper.  No plagiarism!  Please do not get a paper from this site or any other site and edit it and claim it as original work.  $10 for each multiple choice quiz and $20 for paper.


Upon completion of the following article, and review of the web site please complete the Week 3 Essay. In your response, please be sure to include the following:

English questions

Skilled in english please

English homework

In your initial post, provide your introductory paragraph, which should include your thesis. Also provide at least three body paragraphs in support of your thesis.

M 2 Dis Board: Cliches ONE PAGE

For this discussion board, you will identify 3 cliches or idioms that you use frequently in your written or oral communication.  A cliche is a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.  An example of a cliche is "clear as a bell."  Many English speakers who were raised in the United States understand this cliche, but it makes no sense when taken literally and could confuse non-native, but fluent English speakers.  

english hw

." You must read "Our Future Selves," by ERIC SCHIDMIT  "Growing Up Tethered," BY SHERRY TURKLEand "The Loneliness of the Interconnected." BY CHARLES SEIFE  and MEET MARK ZUCKUBERG BY GEORGE ORWELL..


compare and contrast essay with 1 page outline, and 2 pages of the essay

I need three pages of a good compare and contrast essay papers with the outline first. Follow the file description. 




Reseach-based report.

Read the attached instruction and this guideline  for the assignment.


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