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english 200

step by step directions answer all three questions 

Readings to choose from:


Maya Angelou, “Caged Bird”


Elizabeth Bishop, “One Art”



The stories we tell all have an overall point, and our job as a writer is to structure the story in a way that enables our reader to understand the meaning of the story from our perspective. In this sense, narrative writing often becomes persuasive because we are using our story to discuss a specific event or incident from our perspective and encouraging our reader to accept our version of events.

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she and I studied together for an hour in the dorm last Tuesday,(Nov.1st).  Scince that monday was her birthday, she ordered some local   food sharing with me and my roomates. The  rice she choose to order was so delicious. She also shared with me the stories about her trip and all of her great memories she made while in Ny.

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In my essay, "Description and Criticism of three murals by Rivera," I further explore the content of the murals, keeping in mind two things. One, the aesthetic observations on art made by Abbott and Moore. Two, the sociopolitical environment of Mexico (as read in “Mexico: Revolution and Stability” and “Porfirio Elects a Governor”) leading to the Revolution. 

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Complete an outline for your final essay. Details must be specific passages or sentences.Remember, the more detail you include on the outline, the easier the paper will be to draft!


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