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Journal respond

After reading the journal please write 300 words respond to the questions

Citicorp Case Study assignment

Citicorp Case Study Group Essay

William LeMessurier Case Study Assignment Guide

Dr.FIittest only

1what is supply chain manangment according to PPT


500 words




What are the first steps towards reaching six sigma quality? Do you have personal examples of such? In other words, how can you apply six sigma in your everyday life


English HW

Evaluate an unsupported claim/quote made by TWO of the top candidates from the GOP Republican candidate debate, using key words/concepts learned in this chapter.  Be sure to provide candidates' quotes. 


(150 words)


Myths of the American Family Discussion Board I


Unit 6 Discussion Board

We have identified several different themes and images with respect to media representations of gender, race and class. Based on the videos/clips,powerpoints, etc. describe how gender, race and class are depicted in the media. Using a specific character, tv show, film, music video/musician, etc. please discuss how race, class and gender are represented in your choice. Please make sure to pick something different than those who have responded before you.

Sustainable tourism

research two (2) tourism destinations in the United States.  These can be large (ex. Las Vegas, NV) or small (ex. Bozeman, MT).

It is important to choose one location that appears to you on the surface to be a destination that strongly embraces sustainable tourism principles, and then another one that does not.

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