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i have essay summary thats due tomorrow and i want writting for high school level, i dont want a hard vocab


how can i create it

The semester you have been reading and writing about issues related to the American criminal justice system. The final two writing assignments of the semester will contunie this focus on American criminal-justice system, but throught the lens of a controversial criminal case, one of your choosing. 


Research paper

it is 8 pages including reference and cover page.

Essay on Army Leadership

I need someone to write a 10,000 word essay on why intergry is essential to leadership and how leadership ability could be severely inhibited when they commit and intergy violation.  Ensure that you use citiation and quote ADRPs and ADPs.. 


Ensure that it is APA format, 12" font, and Double Spaced. Cite your references..



thank you 

3 pages Opinion

All I need it is to take the two self test and Write about it in 3 pages. SEE attached file. 

Theater review of a play

please see the attached file. It should be 3 pages. 

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