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Article Review

Could you be pushed to commit a horrific crime?


Identifying Ethical Challenges Faced by Employees of the Organization

Research and review the ethical challenges regarding employees (i.e., diversity, discrimination, sexual harassment, privacy, employee theft, bad leadership, etc.) that your chosen organization has faced over the past five to ten years and that they should prepare to face in the next five to ten years.

Module 05 Course Project - Interactive Visit / Personal Observation

Take some time this week to visit the company that you selected for your project. If you are unable to visit in person, attempt to reach a representative via phone, e-mail, or instant chat. The goal of this portion of the project is for you to interact with employees of the company to determine how they treat their customers and what type of experience they create. Some specific things to look for include:

Assignment 2: A Complete Home Network

Students, please view the "Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment" in the Student Center.

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