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Just change little bit about my eassy

I wrote a question about how I used to create a company and how to use the company to ease traffic jams. I have a message, there are a variety of requirements. I still have an eassy, you can change on this eassy.


Discussion Question Eng/313 Can anyone answer this question real fast


The reading in Chapter 7 talks about the difference between the subject and the purpose of a proposal. Based on your own experience here at Phoenix or elsewhere, describe how these two elements fit together.

Leadership audit

You will submit 2, 9-page papers during this course that contain a personal analysis (sample provided) pertaining to the various leadership audits stemming from the Malphurs textbook readings. Each paper must contain a 1-page introduction, 1 page per audit, and a 1-page conclusion describing 2 personal action points stemming from the analysis.

EEE-200 Dis.7

  • Think about a situation where a presenter had a significant impact on you. Describe the situation and analyze why the presenter was



Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Six Moves as Questions worksheet.


I need to write 3 pages 

don't use too diffcult words and the Organization change to = society family 

Also follow the outline and you can add what you want 


week 7 discussion Your speech is due next week (Week Eight). eng221

This week you will select a speech topic from the listing through this Web link: click on the link below.

SPEECH TOPIC SELECTION: follow the sequence below:

english SA

I need it to be done in two hours ......

the student name is othman alassaf and he is business major. please write the SA like the teacher want. 


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