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Technology analysis essay

check the attachment first.


i need to work on the essay step by step with someone 

the are three due dates:

1. chosing the topic and the thesis : as soon as possabile 

2. 2 pages draft: 10/27

3. final draft: 11/2

Research article in an APA format.

Find 3 articles that focus primarily on the causes of gun violence in America.  

Narrative essay

I've had this essay done, but my teacher did not like it. Can you please make it more academic and more tidy.


These are the requirments:


Using your outline, describe each part of your narrative, rathar than telling your readers what happened, use vivid discribtion.

Three pages, MLA style. 


Subject: A good or bad deed,  about a time when you did or did not stand up for yourself someone else in the face of adversity or challenge.


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