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Complete the attached form using electronic engineering as your field of study.

Arduino due Square Pulse generator with Timer Interrupt

-I need to make a square pulse generator on Arduino Due, so that I can control this functions frequency and duty cycle.


-The frequency must be between 1 Hz and 50 KHz (must be really really close to 50).


-It has to be done using Due Timer Interrupt and digital IO.


-Arduino software (IDE) is to implement the codes.


-There are 3 days for this task.


Dont send messages if you wont work on this properly,  I have to get good grade on this to graduate!!!!

Assignment and Lab


Fourier Series

  1. Work Exercises 1, 3, 14 (a, b, c and d), 21 and 29 from Chapter 18.
  2. Save all the work in HW7_StudentID. Show all work for full credit.


Fourier Series

This week’s lab is based on the application of Fourier analysis of an inductive circuit in Multisim. You will learn to utilize Multisim to measure the unknown frequencies in the spectrum.

Interpersonal Conflict in Television


Choose one (1) television show from the list provided below: 

Auto cad hm

This is auto cad hm. I need it after 24 hours 


Arduino due waveform generator

My assignment to implement codes for a function generator just as in (only square wave);




its frequency must be between 1Hz and 10Khz (and how it is controlled must be explained)


no need for buttons or potentiometer as in the example, because we will control the frequency by sending data via bluetooth.


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