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Audio Amplifier Power Output selection: 3.2 W, 5.6 W, 7.1 W, 8.4 W, 11.5 W, and 16.3 W


I need a full calculation answer for this Q : 






For the circuit below, perform the following:

1. Given an AC input voltage of Vrms = 200Vrms and a sinusoidal frequency of omega =

120pi rad/sec, determine the following:

o V1peak (peak value of AC input voltage)

o V1(peak-to-Vpeak )(peak to peak value of AC input voltage)

o Frequency of input voltage V1 in Hz.


Assignment - power electronics class


Please share your thoughts and findings of the application of power electronics to contemporary issues in Engineering.

Home Work Assignment and Lab


Oscillator Circuits

  1. Read Chapter 11 section 3 in the text.
  2. Read Op Amp Oscillator Circuits.pdf
  3. Answer the following questions:
    • List the general requirements for oscillation
    • How does an RC combination affect the phase plot of an oscillator
    • For a Wien-bridge oscillator
      1. Given R = 20Kohm and C = 10nF what is the frequency of oscillat

How Does One Become a Change Agent?

How Does One Become a Change Agent?


Assignment 2: How Does One Become a Change Agent?

By Wednesday, July 27, 2016, locate  and read the following article in the Argosy University online library:

Huising, R. (2006, Aug. 10).  Becoming (and being) a change agent: personal transformation and organizational change.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, Montreal Convention Center, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Online. Accession Number: 26641741

Note: You can also access this article by clicking here.

Ammonia Sensor

Need help finding a liquid ammonia sensor compatible with frequency or 4-20mA output reading and the lowest price available, price is very important!

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