Electronic Engineering

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Assignment and Lab

ET310 Week 3


Capacitors and Inductors

  1. Work Exercises 1, 15, 21, 34 and 42(a) from Chapter 7.
  2. Save all work in HW3_StudentID. Show all work for full credit.


Capacitive Circuits in Multisim

This week’s lab is based on the application of circuit analysis techniques to a capacitive circuit in Multisim.

engineering principles

Kindly work on it as agreed

class test

Fundamentals of applied  electromannetics


In this forum, upload your thesis statement (a complete sentence) and a brief outline for the critical evaluation essay. For your critical evaluation essay, you will probably want to evaluate the same essay that you chose and discussed in last week’s Forum. In fact, The Week 2 Forum was designed to allow you to get a head start on your critical evaluation essay by first analyzing your chosen essay within Forum 2, before developing it further here, in Forum 3.


Several years ago, cooking magnate Martha Stewart spent time in prison for crimes related to insider trading. What is insider trading, and why is it a crime? Some have argued recently that insider trading should be legalized. Find and summarize a recent article that addresses this issue. Do you agree with the author's position? Why or why not

Week 7 Discussion HRM510

Using the e-Activity, determine the importance of equal pay between men and women. Then, suggest two (2) valid reasons why their pay may be different for the same position. Justify your response.

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