Electrical Engineering

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linear control system

i have a task of linear control system

please check attachment.

if you 100% sure then pleace your bid.


deadline 24 hours.


case study

solve the case study file name 424

Attached file named (yours) is solved for another case.

I need file 424 case to be solved the same way as file named yours


two circuit questions



2 electrical circuit problems. not that tough


question 1 :

The Circuit is under sinusoid steady state. Find Vc the voltage across the capacitor expressed as a vector.

L= 100mH , R1= 500 ohm , R2= 1000 ohm , C 160 nF , Io= 4e^(j0) mA , w= 5000


question 2: everything is in the picture




codeworrior Programming in Assembly Language

Hello, I need your help with a project: It's designing a calculator via HCS12 assembly programming , using Asmide program to assemble the code and Dragon Board to run it.

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