Electrical Engineering

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I need you to write a research essay about zigbee for electrical class. I want it 4 page and 3 references.

matlab code

i have project in Dynamics 

i only need the matlab code i already did solved the problem i just need the matlab code read the instructions first before u talk to me pls



PH220 and ET212 discussion question


PSpice simulation

Hello there,


I need help with PSpice simulation. can anyone help me?. Attached file is the assignment


Thank you


c++ project reports

i have two C++ program i need one reports for ech one of the and i wnat them to be tn the same format in the instruction if there some the thing not right i will not accept it .

the two must be diferent from eche other. not thwe same words.

file 1 is project one 

File 2 is project two 


electrical eng homework


6 questions

it is a show work homework, and please be on time 


Thanks !

RI, RC circuit homework

I attached the homework, 

please show work and be on time ( due is after 16 hours from posting this) 

PDV version please!



write a research about Electrical Transformers. I want it 4 pages with 3 references. 


Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me in the matlab. 

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