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Exam: 986052RR - Heat


1. The _______ is used to express absolute temperatures in the English system of measurement.

A. Rankine scale

B. Celsius scale

C. Kelvin scale

D. Fahrenheit scale


2. A silver bar 0.125 meter long is subjected to a temperature change from 200°C to 100°C. What will be the length of the bar after the temperature change?

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This an inspection for a building, pls check atatched images, Get the info from this paper and write it on your way; I want you to write similer paper As the one I have attached 


Design a voltage-divider biased common source amplifier with no bypass(JFET)

design a voltage-divider biased common source amplifier with no bypass to the following specifications: Av(overall) = -3, Rsrc = 30 kΩ, Rin = 300kΩ, RL = 1.5 kΩ, VGS(of

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