Electrical Engineering

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Matlab assignment signals and systems

please see attache file for the matlab project. 


System on Chip Project


Design a SoC system consisting of both hardware and software components for a specific task. The system accepts the start address of a memory segment (in BRAM) and the number of memory locations as inputs, reads them, adds them and displays the result on LED. Present a block diagram of the system. Be specific on what the software and hardware partitions are.


a) Implement your design in Vivado. 

b) Write software application for your design and implement it on SDK. 

c) Prepare a testing strategy for your design


i need an ADS circuite 



Electrical Engineering EGEE245 Homework

I need the anwers for my EGEE 245 - Computer Logic and Architecture Homework; Please show all your work.




Need assignment complete by 7pm with a grade A must show all work and submit imma word doc file Even numbers only


I need this project to be done in 9 hours please read all the instructions in the file atached below

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