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Semiconductor Research problem

Discuss each problem starting on a new page. Your answer must be as complete as possible, but cannot exceed 2 typed pages (single space and including figures; margins 1” on all sides) per problem. Each problem is worth 4 pts. Make sure you identify source of information used, including, when appropriate, complete www addresses , on the last page(s) of the report . This is an individual assignment and it is critical that you formulate your answers in your own words.


bearing walls. Wall loadings are anticipated to be 4000 pounds per lineal foot.

I need you to write the report for a client, I need you to assume the location with clay soil like "Florida". there are 5 boreholes I need you to determine their locations by assuming type of bearing wall building. assume blow count, bearing capacity, size of footing( and whether there are building around ur location and would the footing effect there or ur building) if after site investigation the soil has bed rock? volcanic rock is it good location for retaining wall?.

Modern and Future Electronics essay


I'm taking Microelectronics class, and i have this paper due, here is the assignment description:

DC circuits

Only even numbers need to be done with a grade A.. all work must shown due tomorrow morning at 10am work must be submitted in a word document file


I need answers 100% correct answers to the circuit Homework I have attached


Renewable energy assignment

There are 3 part 

so you should do all pars 


EGR 200 Computer Aided Problem Solving for Engineers

I have 3 question for EGR 200 Computer Aided Problem Solving for Engineers 

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