Electrical Engineering

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Search the web for a business’ or organization’s website that you find effective (it would be even better if you can find a website of a potential competitor to your portfolio project subject). Share the link to this website, and answer the following questions:


Looking back to the proposal you wrote in week three, think about what evidence you might need to convince your readers to accept your proposal. Write three to four research questions based on your proposal. Then, list places you might find sources that could help you to best support your plan.




Parallel Resistive Circuits

Matlab Problem

just 2 matlab problem 



3- Use modular design to combine your seven-segment display and numeric function circuit

EGCP 281 - Designing with VHDL

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I want u to do this work nicely and show step by step and scan them to me when you are done them and follow the instructions carefully 

for synco_solutions only

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