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Embedded systems

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Hydraulics (Mechanical Engineering)

everything provided in the outline paper bs change b) from 1=5' to 1=50'

Hydraulics (Mechanical Engineering)

ME 493 Design Problem 04-11-2015

(Open Channel Flow Hydraulicsl

An open concrete rectangular channel (n=0.013) has three reaches, the following parameters are known for

each of its reaches starting from the upstream (U/S) side to the downstream (D/S) side:

Reach 1. L=1460 ft, section - 56'wx10'H, s=0.0020, yn=7.00' (normal depth of flow)

Find: The discharge in the channel to the nearest cfs, e=? - What is the critical depth, y.=?

(A 120 ft transition connects reach 1 to reach 2)

This problem is related to econometrics

Please write your name on all pages that you turn in. You may turn in your responses to the questions hand-written or typed, as long as it is legible (if we can’t read your answer we probably won’t give you full credit for it!). Please answer each question completely, show your work (full credit requires a response and evidence of how you got it) and include your output from Gretl or another statistical program.

write a paper

Write a one page paper contrasting this video with the first one, "So You Want To Be  A Systems Engineer"

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