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Raspberry Pi

Please only respond if you are familiar with raspberry pi


Iam looking to send Binary data over the GPIO pins. I need to use one of the input and output pin to send binary data  on the output.


If you are very familiar with Raspberry pi please message me.


THank you


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Exam: 186083RR - Print Reading Applications

1. Architectural prints for houses don’t need to specify all details of a construction because


This white paper talks about the Internet of things, it’s history, concepts similar to IoT, technology overview and application of IoT.

please read the attachment first then answers the question below in 2-3 pages


1. In brief, define Internet of Things.

2. What are the concepts similar to IoT? Explain each concept in a few lines.

3. Choose any three IoT applications that you think will be a game-changer. Justify your selection.

4. Discuss the major technology layers that IoT is built upon.

home work

No plegrism. APA format and intext citation beeded. reference page even when answering discussion post question of a student.



Just paraphrase this memo:



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