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in the video you are changing only gain value that is only one parameter (K) so then where does the second parameter goes to ???? in the transfer function 1 and 2 there are two parameters K and t  But in the vedio you only change k and then go to graph but then even this one parameter never affect the transfer function values it only gives you a graph which is related to this third transfer function and which is actually wrong and which has nothing to do with the transfer functions or with the assignment..


Electrical supply and distirbution systems full assignment


Control systems and automation

A 5 to 20 bar reverse acting proportional pressure controller has an output

of 4 to 20 mA. The set point is 11 bar. Determine:

(a) the measured value pressure which gives an output of 15 mA when

the proportional band setting of the controller is 40%

(b) the proportional band setting which will give an output of 8 mA when

the measured value is 14 bar and the desired value is 11 bar.

Paper on Short Term Demand(load) Forecasting.

Paper on Short Term Demand(load) Forecasting.

This is joint paper with two persons to a group. Total points 100 and due on Friday, May 19.

Suggested topics:

a) Introduction.

b) Short Term Demand Forecaster and its application for Power System Control.

c) Survey of different techniques used for Short Term Demand Forecaster.

d) Describe one method of your choice, in detail.

e) Present trends

f) Conclusions

Ic interfacing

Applying 2.4V to a CMOS input (10-V power supply) is interpreted by the IC as

a(n)______(HIGH, LOW, undefined) logic level.

5. A “typical” HIGH output voltage for a TTL gate would be about _________3.5V

7. A “typical” HIGH output voltage for a CMOS gate (10-V power supply) would be


9. Applying 3.0V to a 74HCT00 series CMOS input (5-V power supply) is interpreted by the IC

as a(n)________(HIGH, LOW, undefined) logic level.

11. The 74ALVC series of logic ICs are modern _______ (CMOS, TTL) chips.

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