Electrical Engineering

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the beam bending capacity

Project description We introduced three ways to improve the beam bending capacity in class. Write a technical report to discuss the optimized beam design by reasonably arrange the supports, reasonably apply loads and reasonably choose the cross section area. The cross section of the beam is rectangular with b as width and h as height. 1. Reasonably arrange the supports Baseline case: A simply supported beam with a span of L is subjected to a distributed load over the span with load density of q. Find the optimized design by arranging the location of supports. Don’t change the beam 2.

Workplace Electric Inspection Report

The standards in Subpart S are consistently in the top 10 in OSHA’s most frequently cited standards lists and highest penalties assessed lists. The standards in Subpart S are complex and often misunderstood—even by professional electricians. Use the checklist found in the attachments to conduct an electrical safety inspection of your workplace. Add the citation for the OSHA standard for each question. In the comments section for each item, include your recommendations for correcting the violations. If a checklist item does not apply to your organization, explain why in the comments.


Hello could you help me with a paper. It needs to be 6 pages long and with a few references and it involves US Gift and estate tax.

Modern Solid State Devices - Field Effect Transistors

See attached document, must be done in MS Word. APA Format.

Matlab Coding Question

  • Write a function to implement regularization based training procedure for 1D regression.



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