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The final project for this course is the creation of a Modern Art Exhibition. Based on the knowledge obtained in this course and previous course work, please design a fictional museum exhibition that, in your opinion (and based on readings, assignments, discussion, and other course activities), best exemplifies what is distinctly “Modern” about Modern art.




Compare and contrast Andy Warhol's and Richard Hamilton's respective definitions of Pop Art. What works would you argue most reveal the "preoccupations" of Pop?  Also, what is Pop Art a reaction against? What movement is it obviously indebted to and how?  How is this movement particularly representative of the 1950s and 1960s?  And what artists, in addition to Warhol and Hamilton, best exemplified the Pop (or, later, Op Art) perspective?

Mulicultural Counseling

Assignment instructions and rubric are attached. Please pay close attention to the assignment instructions and the rubric that I may attain the best score as possible. 


Directions: Carefully read each scenario describing an ethical dilemma in health care.

Multiple Intelligences

The idea of Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences suggests that there are specific intelligences that are inherent in all individuals. The author, however, suggests that a preferred style may not necessarily be the best way an individual learns.


Initial Argument Paper


This assignment is not an essay but an exercise that helps build toward your Final Paper for the course. Your task in this assignment is to construct the best argument you can for a position on a controversial topic. Your argument should be your own creation. You may take inspiration from other arguments, but the formulation of the argument you present should be original to you.


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